Don’ts in Travel Insurance – Read Before You taking the right decision

Don'ts in Travel Insurance - Read Before You taking the right decision

This really made me think about travel insurance. so that such an incident does not happen to you while traveling like our business trips, or honeymoon vacation. So today I bring you the new topic of travel insurance and what you need to know about travel insurance, so what we Don’ts in Travel Insurance have about travel insurance today. So let’s deep knowledge about this topic with a list of Don’ts in Travel Insurance,

#1 Don’ts in Travel Insurance

So, first and paramount, don’t we need to go through is to understand that not all travel insurance is the same? So, first and paramount, don’t we need to go through is to understand that not all travel insurance is the same?

Okay, because you can have medical travel insurance that will cover things like a broken foot or your wife being hit in the face by an accident and having to wear a patch over her face for a few weeks, or when your child is injured while playing and you Sick up in three different hospitals. There is, indeed, medical travel insurance

But then there’s trip insurance, which covers things like, “Oh, I need the money back for a canceled hotel or I need to cancel my trip and how do I get my money back or something happened last minute and I don’t want to miss out on my money or my luggage gets lost or my stuff gets robbed.”

The thing is, you can check your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, and some things may be covered, so we’ll go back and look at what we already have.

#2 Don’ts

So it kind of leads into, don’t forget to go to your insurance company before you travel to see what’s available and what you’re already protected for, all right?

So if you already know whether or not things are covered, it can help immensely and be cheaper, and just having the peace of mind that you have the positive news may make it a lot easier and cheaper.

The bad news about your insurance before you go is that your insurance agent might be able to offer you some travel insurance, medical travel insurance, or trip insurance. The truth is, there are a plethora of options for travel insurance available online.

you can purchase I mean after you buy your flight ticket, many airlines will offer you the option to get travel insurance at the same period.

#3 Don’ts

So that’s something to think about, and my next point for you to consider when it comes to travel medical insurance is that you shouldn’t think of it in the same way that you think of regular health insurance.

Back home because you know if your health insurance back home pays for your medicines or prescriptions. it gives you money for over-the-counter drugs, your travel medical insurance might not cover that.

So if you’re going to be traveling. I do recommend you bring your prescription with you maybe ask your doctor hey could I get more.

So I have my prescription in case I have to stay an extra week or two. when I’m abroad just to be safe. but don’t expect that travel medical insurance will cover that.

#4 Don’ts

I know a lot of folks who merely buy things for their credit card and think to themselves, “Hey, my credit card provides travel insurance.

” I’ll just use it. My don’t for that is don’t expect your credit card travel insurance will cover everything.

It will cover what you bought with the credit card, so like I use my Amex and so I use my Amex for all my purchases, but then one business says no, we only accept Visa.

So I have to pay with a visa, and the material I bought with that visa isn’t going to be covered by my American Express travel insurance,

But the thing is, for a lot of people, the credit card trip insurance travel insurance sort of stuff is adequate for what you’re going to do.

Because it could only cover luggage and delayed flights, you don’t have to pay for that one night you missed in Aruba. So that’s something to consider.

#5 Don’ts in Travel Insurance

Another thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that when they buy trip insurance, they don’t realize that not everything is covered,

Especially if you’re looking at electronics, so the camera I’m using right now, my phone, my laptop, that kind of stuff, it might not be covered, and you might need to get a separate policy just for that phone or just for your fancy camera you’re using okay.

That could be a little frustrating, like wait, I got trip insurance that wasn’t covered no they cover your clothes and luggage in your hotel but not the electronics okay so if you do have cameras,

like if you’re going to work and your photographer has nice cameras you might want to look into an additional policy that just focuses on your camera and that’s why it’s important to look at your homeowner’s insurance policy or your renter’s insurance policy.

Because those it’s possible that your electronics will be covered while you’re away, that’s something to consider. I know mine is, so I’m not too concerned.

#6 Don’t

But here’s the catch: if my camera is stolen, I misplace something, or I have a problem, I’m out of luck.

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot register a claim until you have a police record. Look, if your wallet, camera, or purse is stolen and then misplaced,

You’ll need official confirmation that something happened. Jocelyn, for example, was shopping in Italy when someone picked her pocket and took her valuables.

Okay, it happens, it’s just the way it is, but in order for us to get our insurance back, we had to submit a police report, and the problem is,

if you’re in a tourist location, the policemen are aware that visitors are robbed, and they have all the documents.

Well, you have to go there and report it and fill out all those forms, so expect to lose a half-day or a full day of your vacation dealing with all the forms and stuff like that,

So be aware and don’t come home and then try to file the report later because that gets really, really difficult okay, so make sure you get the official documentation.

#7 Don’t

Another thing I believe you should understand is that travel insurance is not inherently expensive. If you’re planning a trip, set aside three to eight percent of the overall cost for insurance.

But know that getting insurance to cover yourself in case something goes wrong on your trip won’t break the bank. because if you have a medical emergency, those things can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you’re here in the United States, and maybe that $200 policy is worth it if you’re coming here to South Beach and breaking your foot.

#8 Don’ts in Travel Insurance

But just know that getting insurance to cover yourself in case something goes wrong on your trip isn’t going to break the bank.

Because if you have a medical emergency, those things can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you’re here in the United States, and maybe that $200 policy is worth it if you’re coming here to South Beach and breaking your foot.

#9 Don’t

But I must warn you that even if you have trip insurance, you should not expect to get your entire money back.

I usually say expect to get between 70 and 85 percent of your money back, though sometimes you get it all.

For example, with the coven and stuff, we ended up getting all of our money back, but keep in mind that,

There are restrictions on what you can and cannot get back, as well as the situations that occur.

#10 Don’t

That is why I believe it is critical to remember to read the fine print okay because travel insurance is insurance.

It’s these long long things that you read through and you have to make sure everything is okay

You know to cross the t’s and adopt the eyes and everything’s there and they have stipulations hey this is why we will pay you back this is why we won’t pay you back.

So it might say you need a job termination letter to get your money back for canceling a trip because you lost your job. They might need medical professionals to say look they had a heart attack.

They can’t go right now they need to stay home these things might happen, but the fine print might say.

When it won’t be covered so if you’re going to go bungee jumping or skydiving or dangerous activities they may scoff at you.

It could be something like, “Hey, we’ll give you your money back for named hurricanes, not tropical storms,”

So that’s something to think about. Another thing that people might get is what’s called emergency evacuation insurance,

This basically means that if you’re in a country and there’s an insurgency, or you’re in a place.

Where a hurricane is approaching, or you break your legs really badly, you need to be evacuated back to a country with better medical care.

#11 Don’ts in Travel Insurance

The thing is, don’t think emergency evacuation isn’t worth it, especially. If you’re traveling to different parts of the world.

Because you might need to get out as soon as possible, and getting out of a country right away can cost you a hundred thousand dollars, so having that insurance just in case is a good idea.

However, I must advise you that your medical care will not be covered by your emergency evacuation insurance.

You’ll need travel medical insurance as well as emergency evacuation insurance, so keep that in mind. I mean, it’s occasionally combined, but double-check the fine print.

#12 Don’t

Another thing I think is necessary, especially these days, is that you don’t assume you can go anywhere without travel insurance or some form of insurance.

Some nations really require tourists to have proof of insurance while in their country, so that’s something.

You should consider having it so you can actually get in the country or stay in the country, and it’s not always health insurance, sometimes it’s car insurance.

#13 Don’ts in Travel Insurance

My next point is don’t assume that your car insurance policy from home will work abroad. You should check to see.

If you’re covered for rental cars when you’re abroad. You should also check to see if you’re covered for rental cars when you’re abroad.

You should look at these things because sometimes you’re not, so you should buy car insurance when you get to that country or when you rent the car.

That’s why some countries you’ll drive through and at the border will have little huts.

#14 Don’t

Now, my next piece of bad news is that you shouldn’t expect your travel insurance company to pay your bills straight away.

Many times, you’ll need to pay the bills, and then they’ll pay you back later, which can be quite expensive.

If you’re having a broken foot in Florida and you’re not from us, you’ll have to pay out of pocket, which can be really troublesome, but your insurance will pay you back later, okay?

But again you got to read the fine print and see what’s going on that’s why if you have an incident .you have something happen to call them. they have an email.

They have a phone number to get in contact with them. so you can find out how you can pay. because I know when Liam got his hands smashed in china. I mean it was bad we ended up in the hospital.

I had to pay 300 to join the hospital. When I was there I had the receipts. I had the stuff so I had to pay it right then to get him in the hospital.

But later on, my insurance company sent me a check for 300 bucks to cover know initiation fee for that hospital.

#15 Don’t

My final piece of advice is to purchase travel insurance as soon as possible. There are situations when you can’t acquire travel insurance,

Such as when you have to buy within 24 hours of booking your flights or tours, which is why you’ll notice on airlines.

They’ll offer you aircraft tickets and give you the choice of securing your trip for $50, $20, $100, or whatever you need to do as quickly as possible, especially if you’re flying.

If you have pre-existing conditions, you don’t want to find out later that you can’t get insurance for them, therefore you should get them immediately soon.

So don’t hesitate to get it as soon as you’ve decided to go. So you have it because I believe it will be less expensive. However, you have a lower probability of their saying no too late.

Conclusion Lines | Don’ts in Travel Insurance

Anyway, I realize I gave you a lot of information regarding travel insurance, but these are things you need to know before.

You go abroad so you can be prepared because you don’t want to end up with a broken foot and no insurance in a place.

Where medical care is extremely expensive. Take my word for it, okay? Anyway, I’d like to like and share this article, and I hope you never have to use your travel insurance.

However, that peace of mind issue can be quite beneficial when things go wrong and we make mistakes.

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