E-pass Tamil Nadu |How to Apply at Home in 2022: A Complete Guide

E-pass Tamil Nadu |How to Apply at Home in 2022: A Complete Guide

You would know that you need a travel pass to travel from state to state in any part of India due to covid restrictions. You can apply E-pass Tamil Nadu from your very own mobile or puck sitting at home by yourself.

Today we will tell you How to apply for E-pass Tamil Nadu online for Tamilnadu. This TN e pass is very much discussed among travelers these days.

Today we Tell you then full details of information about this e pass, how you are relieved in B state, and if you want to travel to Tamil Nadu.

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E-pass Tamil Nadu | Step # 1 PT Pass Basic Details

To apply online like this you have to type this keyword in google e pass online for Tamilnadu. You will get the first rank on the website for applying to the Tamil Nadu e-pass.

If you have to open the link of this website, then you can easily apply for your online e pass Tamil Nadu on this website from your mobile or PC.

You will find this official website via this link TN e pass . This official website will open or show this type of interface,

Thus first of all you have to enter your valid mobile no in this on this opened portal. And in addition to this, you have to enter the given security captcha code in this second box.

Afterward, you will have to send this given information by pressing the send OTP button.

You should use valid mobile no in this portal because a one-time password will be sent on this given no. After filling in this information, pressing the send OTP button will give you access to the next login page:

Categories of E-pass Tamil Nadu

You have to enter your mobile number and OTP in this portal and press enter on the login button. On login, a new categorized dashboard will open in front of you. Here you will get 2 types of options to apply for this e pass normal.

  • Individual group travel via road
  • Individual group coming inside vai train and flight

Individual group travel via road

If you live in Tamil Nadu and need to go from one province to another, you must go through this option Individual groups travel by road.

individual group coming inside vai train and flight

If you want to travel from any other state of India to Tamil Nadu .

Then you have to click with this other option Individual group coming inside vai train and flight.

Most of all, you need to travel from one state to another. So in this session, we went into detail about the second option first.

So in this session, we went into detail about the second option first. On clicking on the second option,

A popup with three options will appear in which you will be shown Via Train, Via Domestic Flight, and Last in International Flight Categories.

For example, we click on the option of domestic flights, then it takes us to the next popup, on this we have to click on the Continue button.

How to fill Application form for Tn E-pass

After this, it will forward the application from you to you. In this application form, you select Applicant’s Name Gender, Father-Mother Husband Name, Applicable Age, Id Proof, along with that no Id Proof mention on the given box. no of passenger box I have to mention about the travelers you go with.

Can’t fill out more than 4 passengers in this portal. You are adjacent to 4 passengers in one e-pass. If his address is the same, then even if not. If you want to go alone then you have to type 0 and go ahead.

Next, you have to upload a photocopy of the id proof. Which you can upload with up to 500kb file size capacity. Your file is in whatever format like jpg, pdf, png, you were able to upload it.

After this, you have to fill out flight no and flight seat no. After that, you have to mention the target of the airport name in this form.

Also, you have to upload a copy of the flight ticket, upload the file in whatever format you want, png, jpg, jpeg, pdf, etc.

After that, you have to tell about the destination of your airport users and you have to fill out the given PNR number. After that, you have to fill in the departure date and time of your flight.

With this, you will have to enter the arrival date and time of your flight according to your flight schedule.

After that, in the check box option will come, you have to select the option of home quarantine when you have the facility of home quarantine.,

Otherwise, you have to click on the other one. This is about the Government Quarantine Facility for passengers.Now you have to click on the Next button on this portal page.

Step 2 Travel from

In this form, you have to enter from which state you are going.It has two sections from and to
In the From section,

you can enter your full present address like G State District Taluk, Flat No, Apartments, Street, Locality, Locality, and Pincode Dates.

In the To section, you will have to tell about the address after reaching Tamil Nadu, those options are also there as it same.

But the address should be filled out the difference. After completing this form, you have to click on the Next button.

In this way, if you have shared about your traveling partner with you, for the next page you will have to share his details.

If the details are there, then select the same, otherwise, you can fill them out separately. Apart from this, if you add other traveling partners and friends,

you just fill out passengers document no or ticket no your work will be done in sort without any taking effort

After this you take our last final step press on the button of submitting. when you click on submit button suddenly you face out the term and condition page .

You also once read this form and click on accept and submit. After clicking on this Submit button. next,

You can appear on the screen your application no and also show your time and date of submitting the Application from.

After submitting your application your application will be forwarded to the district collector. After 24 hours your application is approved.

It’s possible that some situations will take some time. You can track the progress of your application. It will now display as pending when the time comes.

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