How easy is it to get a job in Canada from overseas?

How easy is it to get a job in Canada from overseas

Hi, youth thank you for connecting I’ve been getting various questions about how you can move to Canada and there are many many ways How easy is it to get a job in Canada.

How you can move to Canada and today we’re going to talk about. How to move to Canada through a job offer from a Canadian employer.

Whence discovers a job in Canada. while you’re still overseas we will discuss a few resources you can leverage.

What to presume from each and allocation of a few tips

Even though there are multiple ways how you can move to Canada many people choose a work visa specifically because it helps you to settle down with more confidence

you get a salary from the start you can assimilate better build new friendships and connect with colleagues and it just gives you peace of mind but how to do

You find a job and get a job offer in Canada. While you are oceans away. Let’s discuss well first of all how easy is it to get a job in Canada

How easy is it to get a job in Canada from overseas?

Let’s talk about how individuals. who are already in Canada are able to find jobs. There is a multitude of ways.

But I will highlight these four is networking online resources recruiting agencies and canvassing.

Employers’ networking is one of the best and most reliable ways. How easy is it to get a job in Canada? Do many companies have a so-called referral system?

Companies’ job openings prefer to hire foreign

When they have a job opening they prefer to hire from within the company. which means that any hired man who is already working for the company can submit a resume of someone.

They know who they think might be a good fit for the position as a result about 80 percent of job openings.

Don’t even reach job postings online because they get filled from within. Before they can be posted publicly in Canada.

Individuals prefer to work with those they know and can’t trust that’s. Why do many of the job openings get filled via referrals research?

This shows that referred employees are usually more reliable.

They’re a better ethnic fit and they’re more loyal to the company. So my advice would be to never miss an opportunity to the matrix.

The rest 20 job openings weren’t filled via networking or referral programs. Get posted on online resources and general job boards.

Trustworthy method best way to get job in Canada

The most popular resources would be LinkedIn indeed Workopolis monster and job bank.

Many companies also have job postings on their websites in the careers section. These job postings usually get hundreds of applications.

Especially if it’s a well-paid position in a well-known company in one of the big cities.

Like Toronto Vancouver Montreal Calgary the process of determining. The right candidate is very competitive.

It can take months and among that approach, you will usually have both people who are born and raised in Canada.

As well as those who move to Canada from any other country. Result hiring managers usually have more than enough applications.

They don’t usually look for people outside of Canada but there are also recruiting agencies.

Profession focus on specific recruitment

Some of them focus on specific professions or specific industries. Many companies rely on head hunters and recruiting agents to find.

The right candidate and usually pay them to do the search. it’s totally free of charge for those looking for a job.

List of Some of the important points for getting a job in Canada

  • So my pitch is if you come across a company that asks you to pay for their service it’s a scam
  • If you are looking for a recruiting agency that specializes in your profession
  • If for some reason none of the ways above work or you simply don’t
  • Find the responsibility of your dreams in the company you’re aiming for you can always try
  • Reach a potential employer through a conference call or via emailing
  • Some proprietor especially in fast-growing companies like people who take enterprise who knows maybe
  • The company is increasing and is planning to begin the hiring process. So you could be the first in the line when the opportunity is available.
  • So all you require to do is just present yourself well and show that you would be the right fit for the company.
  • when the time comes the firm will keep you in mind
  • They will contact you so you can get it.

A main start-up in the recruitment process or maybe the hiring process is already happening.

In this case, you can become the first surface candidate just make sure you ace all your interviews.

The best ways to get find appoint as nonnative trying to get a job in Canada

Okay now, let’s talk about it. what do all of these ways mean to you as a foreign worker trying to get a job in Canada? as for networking.

Yes, it would be hard to do from overseas and you can’t just come to Canada and pay big bucks for this travel.

Just network during your stay well okay. Yes, you can but I have a hard time imagining it.

How about you try finding people. you know who are already in Canada like remote family friends of friends or former colleagues.

Apply from LinkedIn to attach with big foreign companies and pro executive

LinkedIn is perfect for information interviews and networking. You can even do this make a list of companies.

You’re interested in and find roles that. If you would like to apply then find somebody on LinkedIn who is already working.

There or maybe in the department. You’re aiming to reach out to them and introduce yourself.

Keep the conversation flowing and when the time comes. Kindly ask them if they could refer you to the job opening.

LinkedIn is one of the best reaches out to recruiters

LinkedIn provides a better possibility to apply for Canadian jobs from the home countries.

Please use LinkedIn don’t be nervous with access to this network.

You can find a chance to get remark with companies and more probable with chit chat.

In this way, you can notice to make good relationships with overseas employees.

During the Interviewing process be the delicate point of view

Before you start your interviewing process make sure. Your employer has the experience and he is comfortable with hiring people from outside Canada.

Nowadays is becoming a lot easier because of the pandemic situation. Many employers have become remote by default.

It means they can hire from anywhere. so let’s say you got all that nailed.

To get prospective approval from the Canadian government

Unfortunately, that would only be your first step next to you and your potential employer.

It should be ready to go through some approval from the Canadian government.

It means your potential employer should be ready to get a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment or LMIA.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

LMIA is permission from Canada’s ministry of employment. Social development to hire a foreign worker for a job.

Which no Canadian citizen or permanent resident can be found. that’s where knowing the right people, unfortunately,

Who is looking for an admin assistant or a factory worker? But there are tons of unemployed admin assistants or workers in that area of Canada. you’re likely out of luck

LMIA is a vast topic to discuss. There are also LMIA exam occupations. But we’re not going too deep on this topic.

Online application purpose for getting a job in Canada

Now let’s move on and here. We get to online resources, isn’t it? It is the easiest for you just to keep scrolling.

Through job postings, applying, and sending out your resume to any possible opportunity.

Yes, it’s the easiest for you but for the local hiring manager, the easiest way is to hire somebody.

Language understanding of Canadian labor

It takes a lot of time to get LAMIA and to bring someone from overseas. Don’t forget about visa application processing times. So on so be prepared to stay

I’m not saying that getting a job like this is impossible but it might be very challenging.

View for job opportunities openings that republic they hire faraway or offer a work visa

Watch out for job postings. Where employers state that they are willing to provide work visas to Canada.

Keep away from those that state. That they only hire people who already have the right to work in Canada these guys won’t change their minds.

You apply for and don’t forget about protecting letter. Also, make your LinkedIn profile look clean and professional.

Recruiting agencies for getting a job in Canada

Now we are moving on to recruiting agencies and this could be the right place for you to try first.

As I already mentioned some agencies are focused on foreign workers. Some agencies are focused on specific industries and occupations for instance workers

Fields of artificial intelligence and data science are in very high demand. These positions are very hard to fill in.

I provide a few links for you at the end with the list of agencies. You might try and use and always do your own research.

According to your specific situation your profession. Your industry your experience and your expertise.

Don’t forget about possible scams and beware

Always verify the agencies and employers you’re talking to the rule of thumb. don’t any types of fees it is a scam

Some recruitment agencies have wisdom genuine services with the foreign employee

What’s good about recruitment agencies that provide genuine service. They know how to manage employment arrangements for foreign workers. It means they will save you time and stress.

But once again stay cautious and stay alert read. your contract double-checks all information and asks questions.

Clarify all concerns that you might have they can stay in their home country provided the time difference. Isn’t that huge you can actually make it work.

I’ve known examples when people would start working like this and then the company would see the real value in the foreign worker

invite them to come to Canada and go through the LAMIA process for them

In other cases, if you’re working for a Canadian employer. while being in your home country. you can always later add this to your resume. use it to proceed forward.

Last but not least some discussion on getting a job in Canada

In our list of canvas and potential employers. But what would it be like for you? If you’re outside Canada well.

You could generate a Canadian phone number and call Canadian employers using different apps.

But it would be shady and unfair to make them think. You’re in Canada. while you’re not at some point.

It would come up. It wouldn’t be pretty unless. You’re clear from the start and they are ready to hire.

It would be tough to sell yourself in such a way that a Canadian employer would prefer. you over someone local.

Carry on associate hold on investigative

Nevertheless trying every option is worth it. Learn more about the company. You’re trying to contact do your research.

Learn more about their background. Their projects are their future plans. their managers and reach out to people working.

There you don’t have to ask for a job right away. just introduce yourself be polite and professional ask questions tell about yourself.

What you’re good at and make a hint how your skills might be useful for future projects in this corporation.

Stay updated with companies

You might come up in their mind as the right fit. Some companies have a pool of candidates proactive people.

Who reached out to them and stayed in touch. So the next time there is an opportunity hr might start reaching out to people from that pool.

So all in all don’t give up keep trying to be proactive. If you don’t put yourself out there no one will know that.

You’re a skilled professional looking for a job in Canada. Do your part keeps improving do your research.

Step by step you can get there and make that change in your profession by joining Facebook groups or different forums like Reddit or Quora.

Find people who are able to find a job in Canada. While being in their home country. They can give you some specific advice.

List of important links :

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Online job posting platforms:

1. Workopolis

2. Indeed 

3.  Glassdoor

4. Monster

5. Jobbank

6. LinkedIn


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