Indian students can now apply for a student visa to the United Kingdom in 2022 | According to the British High Commissioner

UK Student Visa Updated rules for Indian students 2022

Alex Ellis, Announced on their UK Student Visa as the British High Commissioner to India, said that the UK is aiming to become the most popular destination for Indian students and offers.

To make it easier for Indian students to obtain a UK Visa, the UK will be implementing a new policy where Indian students will be able to get their UK student visa in just one day.

The one-day visa service is being introduced by UK immigration and will help Indian students streamline their visa procedures.

Alex Ellis, the British Ambassador to India, declared the availability of Priority and Super Priority visas for Indian students planning to enroll in the next academic session in the United Kingdom.

UK student visa: The British High Commission in India issued advice to Indian students wishing to study in the United Kingdom on Tuesday. Thus according to Alex Ellis, the British Ambassador to India, the UK wants to increase the number of student visas granted, with the objective of beating all milestones established this year in June 2022.

Alex Ellis announced the availability of Priority and Super Priority visas for Indian students wishing to enroll in the next academic session in the United Kingdom. As stated by the British Ambassador to India, India is the top contributor of students to the UK.

Since there is a strong demand, we urge that you apply for your visa as soon as possible with the necessary papers.” In his video message, Ellis stated. He instructed pupils to apply as soon as possible with the necessary documentation. “Make certain that all necessary documentation is included.” “He continued.

UK Student visa- Documents required

Here is a list of the papers needed to apply for a UK student visa.

-University offering paper -Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) (This timestamp must be provided on your visa application. You must apply for a visa within six months after getting your CAS.)

-TB certificate (If you are traveling to the UK for more than 6 months and are a resident of any of the above countries, you must obtain a tuberculosis test).

-Proof of financing (This includes a government student loan, a government-sponsored lending firm, or a regulated student loan program.) your own cash your parents’ money (if they produce a letter indicating they consent to you spending it in this manner) your partner’s money (if your partner is in the UK or applying at the same time)

What is Priority, Super Priority Visa?

The UK Visas and Immigration office has now made the Priority Visa and Super Priority Visa services accessible to students who wish to study in the United Kingdom. Priority and super priority visa services have additional prices.

You can use the “priority processing” option if you verify your identification at a visa processing center and the facility is open for the nation from where you are requesting. when you apply,” says the website. according to the UK government. This service will be charged separately.”

If the student attends their appointment at the visa application center or applies online, the typical student visa service currently has a turnaround time of 15 days to 3 weeks.

Tip: According to the UK government, if you verify your identity at a visa application center, you may be able to acquire your visa faster or receive extra services depending on the nation you’re in – check with your visa application center for more information.

Priority Visa Service: Within 5 working days, the UK government will make a decision on the student’s visa application. Ellis goes on to clarify how Indian students who desire to study in the UK may now make use of this facility.

Super Priority Visa Service: UK Visas and Immigration hopes to make a judgment on your super priority visa application and contact you by the end of the following working day after you deliver your biometric details.

After the visa is granted

If you proved your identity at a visa application center, you will be notified when your documents are available for collection.

You do not require a biometric residence permit if you confirmed your identification using the UK Immigration: ID Check app and your application was successful (BRP). Ones visa status will be wholly accessible online.

UK student visa: Biometric residence permit

When you are staying in the UK for further than six months and have proved your existence at a visa application center, you must pick up your biometric resident permit (BRP). After you land in the UK, pick up your BRP.

This needs to be done first before vignette sticker on your foreign passport expires, or within 10 days after your arrival in the UK, and see which is later.

Why your UK Visa can get delayed?

  • -If you need your supporting documentation verified
  • -If you need to attend an interview
  • As a result of your specific circumstances (for example if you have a criminal conviction)
  • When you apply for a prioritized or super priority visa and your appeal was complicated, you could be required to wait longer, but your application will still be prioritized during every level of the judgment process.

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