Top 10-5 Star Hotel in Dalhousie

Top 10-5 Star Hotel in Dalhousie

After a long tiring trip to the Himalayas, The peaceful and private ambiance of the 5-Star Hotel in Dalhousie. Dalhousie is the best place to stay. Our 5-Star Hotel in Dalhousie offers a delightful way to unwind and relax. The Dalhousie is situated in proximity to the Dalhousie hills. You can reach Dalhousie in a short time but away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Dalhousie is a small and beautiful town in the Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh. The town is a splendid destination for those who love the mountains and are looking for some peace and leisure. Dalhousie is a quiet place that offers the best hotels with modern facilities to tourists.

1. Alps resort | 5-Star Hotel in Dalhousie

Number one Alps resort the 5-Star Hotel in Dalhousie offers accommodation based on your budget and gives top-notch amenities in Dalhousie. the contemporary-looking rooms are well designed and have full-fledged facilities. the whole area around the resort is green clean and pure. it is away from the matting multitude. which makes the resort special among other tourist traps the fresh food tastes excellent and is available at a reasonable price

2. Lall ji Hotel

Number two Lall ji Hotel is located in an area surrounded by snow-covered mountains in every room in the hotel. has windows and private balconies to view the spectacular environment around the resort. also offers a free parking area for children to play and medical emergencies the food provided is appetizing and you will remember the taste for long

3. Snow valley

Number three Snow Valley Hotel is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and greenery all around. the resort’s truly a special place. the naturally cold rooms are well provided and have the most useful amenities. the most natural environment around the resort makes the globetrotter enjoy. most good quality food products contain continental Chinese dishes. the staff members also help the tourists in making sightseeing plans.

4. Bear valley Hotel | 5-Star Hotel in Dalhousie

Number 4 Bear valley Hotel the resort is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and greenery all around. the resort has an attractively created set of rooms ranging from family rooms to excellent suits and every room has a balcony. which allows visitors to view the landscape of lush green ambiance and snow-capped mountains. the staff is humble and helpful and the food offered is homely healthy and hygienic

5. Aaroham by Amod Hotel

Number five Aaroham by Amod Hotel the resort is set on the backdrop of amazing mountains and acts as a perfect holiday destination. it is surrounded by lush green trees and colorful flowers. the chilling cold atmosphere and nicely bedepped rooms offer all sorts of comfort to tourists. the food is tasty and prepared as per the orders of Clients. Will have a lot of pleasant experiences in this place for sure. Because the hotel staff is very cooperative and friendly and always ready to help.

6. Intraprasta Hotel

Number six Intraprasta Hotel the resort is well resourced having well-furnished rooms with an air conditioner. the aparthotel also offers body massage spa assistance free parking medical and travel services. the resort is accoutered with the latest convenience and the workforce offers magnificent room services. the mouth-watering food is exceptionally tasty and healthy spending time in the resort is a wonderful experience. Which will remain in the memory.

7. Atithi Hotel

Number seven Atithi Hotel the resort is located in the bannikette area surrounded by greenery which is away from cities. the excellent location and friendly services offered by the staff empower. The swimming pool is an added superiority for the visitors to have a good time, and most tourists favor swimming and relaxing. the rooms are a warm and cozy feature of food is marvelous. it is really a place that gives you more value for your money

8. Himalaya Hotel

Number eight Himalaya Hotel is one of the best resorts located near the mountaintop in a lush green atmosphere and equipped with luxurious rooms providing up-to-the-minute facilities. The luxury hotel provides an excellent combination of a clean and green environment. that promotes natural and healthy living. The hotel staff provides excellent assistance and a wide variety of food, which tends to make the resource unique on its own.

9. Shining star Hotel

Number nine Shining star Hotel the pictorial view of the resort makes the adjacent look unbelievable. the lush green meadows near the mystifying Himalayan range always fascinate tourists all over. the well-facilitated rooms array from ordinary room to superior suit that offers excellent views and up-to-date convenience the homely food offered makes the tourists love and enjoy. the numerous local and international dishes available at the luxury hotel

10. Ghar Hotel | 5 Star Hotel in Dalhousie

Number 10 Ghar Hotel is situated in a greener locality with a natural feel the well-decorated rooms. A great range from deluxe to super to family rooms the hotel offers the latest features and infrastructure. that add comfort for travelers the nutrition facility serves food, lunch, and evening meal with a variety of dishes and food items the clean atmosphere and appetizing food make the tourists happy.

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