Ultra 15 Unique things to do in Frankenmuth

Ultra 15 Unique things to do in Frankenmuth

Fortunately, Frankenmuth brings a taste of Bavarian-style hospitality cuisine. Patently Accessible House of many fun activities in the heart of Michigan known as Little Bavaria.

Its downtown architecture is reminiscent of classic German fairy tale styling found in cities. such as Munich and Nuremberg.

While a stroll through downtown Frankenmuth is enjoyable don’t overlook it. the other fun things to do in Frankenmuth.

While you’re there it’s the ideal leisurely weekend getaway destination and a popular year-round destination.

Whether you’re visiting Frankenmuth for a day or a weekend help you plan the perfect trip. so strenuous begin.

Your Adventure journey planning here by moderating our list of the best unique things to do or see in Frankenmuth Michigan.

#1 Heritage Park | Things to do in Frankenmuth

Number one Heritage Park is a fantastic location for excellent recreation fitness activities and tranquillity. the most visited park in Frankenmuth.

It has many high-quality resources and hosts numerous events organized every year. At the heart of the park is the large Harvey e kern society playing ground,

With it appears blue and white striped roof. There are also ensure several smaller picnic pavilions.

There are huge soft sand volleyball courts, a basketball court, and ball diamonds. As well as well-kept play excursion fields for children.

Beautiful views of the water can be had by following the riverwalk across the pathway.

  • Main Address : 601 Weiss St Frankenmuth | MI 48734 | United States
  • Contact number: +1 989-652-3440
  • Ticket price: Children $14, Adults $30
  • Open and Close: 6:00 am to 12;00 am for Monday to Sunday
  • Average hotel price: USD 142.01

#2 Frankenmuth brewery

Number Two. Frankenmuth Brewery was founded in 1862. It has a long and great history. It is a vintage collection of microbreweries in the united states.

The mature craft brewery in Michigan. Many delectable facilitates beers are produced by the brewery.

Some of which are best of the time and get awards to take a quick tour of the unique craft. Before sitting down in the great tranquility taproom for a sample.

More than 20 draft beers as well as numerous bottled beers ales and lagers. Whether you prefer light or dark beers traditional or flavored drinks.

There is something for everyone. There is also a fantastic food menu that complements the drinks perfectly here.

  • Main Address : 425 S Main St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number: +1 989-262-8300
  • Ticket price: Starts from $ 8.00 to $ 20.00
  • Open And Close: 11:30 am to 10:00 pm for Friday or Saturday | 11:30 am to 9 pm for Thursday and Sunday other days closed.
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 135.78

#3 St Julian Winery

Number Three. St Julian Winery For more than a century the award-winning St Julian winery has been producing wine.

There are several locations throughout Michigan. Including the charming Frankenmuth tasting room and shop.

Call into sample wines made with locally grown fruit. Purchase a bottle of your favorite to take home.

Once Try the Frankenmuth rose for a truly local experience. A treaty fruity delight with strawberry and cherry aromas.

  • Main Address: 127 S Main St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number: +1 989-652-3281
  • Ticket price: $25 per Person
  • Open And close: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm Friday to Thursday
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 116.80

#4 Zender splash village hotel and water park

Number Four Zender splash village hotel and water park. Zender splash village is one of the best things to do in Frankenmuth with kids.

It’s easy to see why so many families make this an annual vacation as Michigan’s largest indoor water park.

Zender splash village has two distinct indoor water parks. Each with its own set of a ferry ride, tube slides, Splash zones toddler areas lazy rivers, or other attractions famous as fun things to do in Frankenmuth.

A hotel is attached allowing guests to stay on the property for even more family fun. The hotel also has an indoor pool a game room a bar and a restaurant.

  • Main Address : 730 S Main St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number: +1 844-802-8323
  • Ticket price: Starts price range of Fun rides packages from $179 to ends $539
  • Open And Close: 11:00 am to 8:30 pm Friday to Thursday
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 100.83

#5 The fortress golf course

Number Five The fortress golf course is an 18-hole par-72 championship golf cours. that pays homage to the game’s traditional Scottish roots.

The course was designed by golf architect dick Nugent in 1992. Spans 6813 yards with 75 bunkers surrounded by bent grass tees pristine fairways and rolling and sectioned greens.

Warm-up areas include individual putting greens and chipping greens with bunkers. While the target-oriented driving range allows for long-distance swing practice.

The modern clubhouse at the golf course provides a variety of facilities and amenities

Including changing rooms and restrooms. As well as a restaurant and bar. A variety of special events tournaments clinics and junior programs. They are scheduled throughout the season popularity.

  • Main Address: 950 Flint St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number: +1 877-725-0019
  • Ticket price: If playing 9 Holes $35 and 18 Holes $60
  • Open And close: 7:30 am to 6:30 pm Friday to Thursday
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 100.83

#6 Grandpa tiny’s farm

Number Six Grandpa Tiny’s farm established in memorial of legendary grandpa tiny is a historic carousel working farm.

Where Travelers of all ages can participate in interactive hands-on farm activities and experiences fun on a guided supervised tour.

The tour includes a stop at the farmhouse of all pets. Where kids can hold it in their hands and enjoy it with chicks and baby bunnies.

As well as watching and playing with quiet lambs and baby goats and other animals of the farmhouse. The package tour includes a narrated caravan ride around the farm.

Passing the trip of the idyllic farmhouse in these centuries is complete with an outdoor heavenly back coffin.

Crossing pathways the dead creek via the landmark black bridge and visiting the beautiful vintage one-room schoolhouse

The tour also emphasizes. The importance of the zone’s agricultural history. With the weekly confirmation of draft horses, growing many plantations and harvesting. As well as outdoor picturesque events.

  • Main Address: 7775 Weiss St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number: +1 989-652-5437
  • Ticket price: $13 with under two children
  • Open And close: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Thursday to Sunday other days close
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 156.10

#7 Michigan heroes museum

Number seven Michigan heroes museum The Michigan heroes museum honors Michigan residents.

Who served in the military or in space programs. people rather than historical charming events are the focus of the museum.

It is the state’s only museum of its kind. There are over 850 artistic items in the museum. Including photographs documents uniform art posters flying gear and metals.

In fact, this museum houses the world’s largest collection of medals of honor. Personal artifacts helped to tell the stories of people.

Who went to war or otherwise served their country.

  • Main Address: 1250 Weiss St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number: +1 989-652-8005
  • Ticket price: Admission fees $25
  • Open And close: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday to Thursday
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 156.93

#8 Frankenmuth historical museum

Number eight Frankenmuth historical museum The Frankenmuth historical museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating Frankenmuth’s history and heritage.

The museum has seven galleries with hands-on surprisingly exhibits that display audio and video presentations. Other various artifacts tell the story of Frankenmuth.

Beginning with its founding as a Lutheran missionary colony in 1845.

Visitors can explore the museum on self-guided tours or guided tours led by local historians.

Who will interpret and discuss the history of this bavarian influenced village

  • Main Address : 613 S Main St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number:+1 989-652-8005
  • Ticket price: For Children, $1 Adults $5 and Full Family pass $10 (Including two Adults and two children )
  • Open And close: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday to Thursday
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 135.35

#9 Holes Bruck | Things to do in Frankenmuth

Number seven, the Holes Bruck is a beautiful wooden covered bridge that spans the Cass River.

The bridge is a fantastic location for photographs and displays incredible artistry. Approximately 239 footbridges.

Which stretches the cass river was completed in September 1980 and connects the main street to the bavarian inn lodge.

It is accessible to both vehicles and pedestrians. It’s definitely photographic worth a stop while you’re in town.

Whether you drive or walk across or just view it from along the river. this Spot is famed in visitors as free things to do in Frankenmuth.

  • Main Address: Main Street &, Covered Bridge Ln, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number: +18003868696
  • Ticket price: Free Admission
  • Open And Close: Open 24 hours on All days
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 128.99

#10 Horse-drawn carriage ride

Tours begin just south of the parking lot for zenders restaurants and include the majority of historical sites. as well as main street attractions.

During the winter months, blankets are provided. So you can get cozy in the white carriages.

As you travel through the streets. The driver will point out places of interest. You will learn about local history and life.

  • Main Address: 780 Mill St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number: +1 989-245-1891
  • Ticket price: $50-15 Minutes, $95-30 minutes$185-1 hour, $275-1 1/2 hours
  • Open And Close: 12:00 am –8:00 pm Monday to Thursday | 11: 00 am to 9:00 pm Saturday | 11:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday and Friday
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 146.89

#11 St Lorenz Lutheran Church

Number Eleven St Lorenz Lutheran Church. The eye-catching st Lorenz Lutheran church was established in 1845 by german settlers.

On a self-guided tour, you can learn all about the church’s history and design. Leaflets are available in the entrance lobby.

The orange brick church features a soaring steeple vibrant stained glass numerous statues and a plethora of religious symbols.

A walk through the peaceful cemetery is also a great way to travel back in time. Every Saturday and Sunday.

There is a service provided in English, as well as a monthly service, in german.

  • Main Address : 1030 W Tuscola St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number:+1 989-652-6141
  • Ticket price:  Free Admission
  • Open And Close: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Friday to Thursday
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 135.35

#12 Frankenmuth river place shops

Number Twelve Frankenmuth river place Shop is a one-of-a-kind collection of specialty shops and sociable attractions.

Family-friendly activities designed to recreate an authentic German Bavarian village. Beautiful Bavarian architecture meandering streams.

Other shoreline Tinkling waterfalls in an array of restaurants. Superb cafes and specialty stores sell everything from women’s fashion and leather apparel to toys.

Glorify Accessories and deli-style food can all be found alone. The banks of the cass river in downtown Frankenmuth.

Throughout the year Frankenmuth River places shops. Host a number of free family-friendly events.

Such as impressive dog bowl balloons over the bavarian inn. The cass river colonial encampment is a fantastic historical reenactment of various revolutionary war encampments.

  • Main Address : 925 S Main St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number:+1 800-600-0105
  • Ticket price: Free Admission
  • Open And Close: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm Friday to Thursday
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 139.00

#13 Bavarian Inn restaurant

Number three Bavarian inn restaurant there’s something special about enjoying a home-cooked meal at bavarian inn restaurant.

More than 20 million people have visited since 1888 to enjoy world-famous all-you-can-eat family-style dinners.

While it is best known for its delectable fried chicken. The menu also includes roloden bratwurst sauerbraten and schnitzel.

Among other German specialties. If you really want to go all-out try the ultimate family-style Bavarian dinner treat.

Which includes five different types of delicious meat potato cheese puffs and sauerkraut.

There are also a variety of delectable desserts and of course a wide selection of enticing beers and ales.

  • Main Address: 1 Covered Bridge Ln, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number:+1 989-652-7200
  • Ticket price: The table price range starts from $30
  • Open And Close: Open 24 hours on All days
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 128.99

#14 Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland

Number two Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is also known as the world’s largest Christmas store.

It is a year-round retail store that sells a wide variety of Christmas-related grand items ornaments decorations and collectibles.

The store was founded in 1945 by Wally Bronner and is designed in the shape of an alpine chalet that spans 7.35 acres and is set among 27 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds.

One of the most popular Frankenmuth Attractions is Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. three 17-foot tall outdoor Santa clauses and a 15-foot snowman guard.

The building’s entrance while Bronner’s half-mile-long Christmas lane is illuminated. With more than one hundred thousand lights in the evenings.

The interiors of the store are packed with over fifty thousand gifts tags and trims six hundred thousand glass ornaments.

Eighty-six thousand light sets all of which are seen by over two million people each year.

  • Main Address:  25 Christmas Ln, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number:+1 989-652-9931
  • Ticket price: Free Admission
  • Open And Close: 9:00 am To 8:00 pm Monday to Thursday | 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Friday Saturday | 12:00 –6:00 pm Sunday
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 139.00

#15 Bavarian bell riverboat

Number Fifteen Bavarian bell riverboat the bavarian bell riverboat is a royal family-owned and operated riverboat.

That offers tours of the Frankenmuth sight. The scenic Cass River is a fully restored 150-traveler vessel.

Which is docked at the river place shopping villages waterfall. It has an open- breathtaking canopy upper deck and a fully enclosed under-salon with modern restrooms,

As well as a snack bar that serves soft drinks during the cruise guests can enjoy a one-hour historical tour of Frankenmuth town.

Narrated by local experts. The bavarian belle riverboat also hosts special events and can be reserved for private events like birthday parties and weddings.

One of the magnificent things to do in Frankenmuth Michigan is to ride the bavarian bell riverboat.

  • Main Address : 925 S Main St D3, Frankenmuth, MI 48734, United States
  • Contact number:+1 866-808-2628
  • Ticket price: $15 for Adults $5 For Children
  • Open And Close: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm Friday to Thursday
  • Average Hotel Price: USD 139.00

Conclusion | Things to do in Frankenmuth

  • There is plenty to do in Frankenmuth for all visitors. Especially during the summer comes.
  • When there seems to be something going on every day head to Frankenmuth.
  • A quirky Bavarian-inspired town for one of Michigan’s most romantic getaways. Frankenmuth is sure to entice visitors.
  • With its charming downtown core beer hall, festive celebrations covered the bridge. lovely parks along with the prominent cass river.
  • We hope you enjoyed the top 15 Things to do on Frankenmuth’s
  • Don’t forget to check out our other travel updates for more great travel inspiration ideas that make your journey a paradise. Speared your love by sharing the article.

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