How to start a business in the USA for non-citizens

How to start a business in the USA for non-citizens

It’s Lovepreet thanks for coordinating this content I want to talk about how to start a business in the united states as a foreigner coming up all right? let’s get started I want to talk about how to motivate a business in the USA for noncitizens properly.

So those who don’t know me my name is Lovepreet I’m the founder of The Incredible Globe I’m also a travel blogger and I’m also an expert as an information researcher and also provider on e2 investor visas and how to start a business in the USA for noncitizens.

Because I’ve done this myself I’m teaching other individuals how they can move to us as an immigrant start a business make it profitable scale it and noticeably eventually become residents.

Legally suggestions on how to start a business in the USA for foreigners

As a business person, it is possibly important. people always talk about topics like business ideas, business innovations, Personal growth of their own business. it’s possible now so must know more about this topic.

It’s your job really to approve that business idea whatever the business is you first need to validate the idea you need to do your market research and so on once you are logical on that business idea that you want to start

The subject of choosing E2 visa or L visa by the applicant

The next steps are to decide whether I’m going to select each E2 visa or L visa so let me give you a brief overview but especially a proper understanding of how you can get each investor visa

Some individuals are also interested in the topic of how can convert from an e-2 visa to a green card

How to register a company in the USA with LLC

Because if you desire to actually start a business united states you can start a business in the USA without containing a visa meaning you can incorporate you can get a corporation or LLC set up without you being present in the united states

This is something that my company always does for people who reach out and they are not currently in the united states you can surely do that you don’t need to be present in the united states to start a company in the united states that’s the easy part.

If you choosing a b1 business visa For starting a business in USA

But why do you need to be in the united states if you want to actually manage your business and if for that matter you need a visa you should not live in the USA and run your company?

If you are under a b visa b visa is a visitor visa tourist visa or a simple b1 business visa with this visa you can temporarily enter the USA but you cannot live in the united states you cannot manage your business united states.

E2 visa or L more reliable for applicants starting a business in USA

So if you actually at that stage number two want to actually manage that business united states you need a visa so for that you either do E2 visa or L visa people often ask me what’s better is it e2 or l what are my options well.

If you can choose between these two I suggest going with an e2 visa because an e2 visa is typically issued for two to five years and then you can renew and you can actually renew as long as you need as long as you’re paying taxes as long as you’re actively engaged with this business and the business is profitable.

How to start a business in USA for noncitizens with an L visa

However, with an L- visa, an L visa is more suitable for people. who are running already businesses back home and want to expand to the united states meaning they want to expand the same identical business?

They want to open an affiliated office in the USA and they are able to quickly make this business successful and establish the whole department within a year.

If they qualify eventually they can even go to a green card eb1c if they qualify under a manager or executive.

Highly recommend factors of E2 visa

Now if you are a small business owner small startup it’s not gonna it’s probably gonna take you longer than one year to actually establish this business properly right so for that I highly recommend each visa right and I do have a basic how much do you need to invest if you want to get e2 and so on . so it’s so important to plan ahead and you need to understand the strategy.

One thing is to plan the strategy when it comes to your e2 or l visa another thing is to plan strategy if you eventually want to become a resident because that’s totally different story once you are on an e2 or l visa than obviously.

How Individuals Successfully immigrate to United States through an E-2 visa

The e-2 non-immigrant visa is for applicants from a treaty country looking to immigrate to the USA By making a substantial investment into a u.s business practice or office, this visa may also cover your spouse and dependents under the age of 21. this also gives the applicant’s spouse the option to work in the u.s. by applying for an employment authorization document to qualify for an e-2 visa

Successfully immigrating to the USA through an e-2 visa comes with benefits. such as adjusting your status to permanent residency, and giving options to apply for a green card down the road.

If you or someone you know has any more questions or concerns about. the e-2 visa please contact visa place today as we’ve helped many individuals successfully immigrate to the USA through an e-2 visa

The investor should invest the amount for the visa is depending on what kind of business. investment in the business has no limits. we just start investing with a minimum amount in a hundred thousand u.s dollars.

Setting up business in usa on basis of growth potential guide of company

The next step number three should be scaling your business focusing on your growth business growth scale your company and possibly hiring people why because this strategy is so essential

If eventually, you want to apply for a green card there is no direct path from E2 to green card right from l visa there is a path from l1a to eb1c however in both scenarios this business must be profitable must be active and with an e2 visa again

Transform E2 visa to a green card

I did explain five ways latter how you can go from an e2 visa to a green card because there are a few ways obviously but it’s not straightforward so you have to understand that either way your business must be profitable either way your business should be making an impact,

Either way, your business should be uh maybe in a sector or infrastructure of the united states. that is vital or maybe it should be making a difference or maybe you are an extraordinary achiever within that field,

either way, the business should be uh making pretty good profits

So you can eventually hire people and maybe even you want to go from e2 to eb5 in that case you need to reinvest more.

Again for EB-5 visa i have a specific way to concern

Now I’m going to be talking about the EB-5 investor visa in the united states so let’s get started in most cases those looking to immigrate to the united states through investment are usually looking for a more permanent role in 1990 congress created the EB-5 immigrant investor visa to attract foreign capital to the USA and create jobs for American employers in the process eventually the investor and family approaching with would then be entitled to register for u.s permanent residency

Now thereM are three major requirements to the EB-5 investor visa

  • You must make a 1.8 million capital investment or 900 000 investment in a TEA
  • The investor can invest only for-profit US commercial unit
  • The investment must create 10 full-term indirect or induced u.s jobs

Mainly four steps to the EB-5 category visa which incorporate

Step one find our business to fund and meet the accredited investor income requirements

Step number two make the investment and file a petition an immigration barrister will generally provide an i-526 appeal to show that the investment was made the uscis as usual notify jobseeker
either or not their i-526 request has been received after 31 to 52 months.

Step number three your two-year provisory permanent residency

Next, the candidate is to become a two-year limited resident in the united states until your i-526 application has been approved.

Step four your unqualified permanent occupation

Eventually, step number five in the EB-5 visa task is for candidates to enhance an unconditional permanent resident by eliminating their two-year provisional status and filing an i-829 appeal the uscis

will most often issue an indefinite green card 22 to 45 months.

behind the i-829 petition has been registered the investor their spouse and their unmarried youngster below the year of 21

can then permanently stay and job in the united states and have the choice to apply to become u.s citizens after a five-year term from the day that they accept their opening dependent residency.

How to confirm we actually qualify for that green card

So stage number five would be filing for a green card once you actually achieve that growth within your business or the impact within your business

That you would actually qualify for that green card now not all people who are under e2 visa or visa can qualify but obviously

There are ways that you can possibly qualify but also what I will do I will share that specific content next part of this article on how you can obtain a green card if you are an entrepreneur in 2023.

Frequently asked question by the people commonly

1. Can I upgrade from e2 to a green card?

2. What happens if I cannot upgrade?

3. What if I don’t qualify well, in that case?

4. how to start a business in the USA for noncitizens?

Some propose of the determination on this path

I would highly recommend just renewing your e2 investor visa and again having that objective of growth have that impartial that you want to scale your business so eventually,

you might be able to register for your green card and if you need help with that you can positively reach out because that is something.

That I do with my user we do help clients to scale their businesses this is manifestly business coaching and consulting that is something that my other company is doing.

So definitely we can help with that but keep in mind that this path is for true entrepreneurs this path is for business owners who really want to make a difference in the united states.

They want to promote to the USA economy and if that’s you amazing because this would be the path for you how to start a business in the USA for noncitizens.


Hi, I am Lovepreet Singh a professional Travel blogger and affiliate marketer. I have started my career in blogging in 2019. Currently I am working as SEO Expert at The Incredible Globe.

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