U.S. immigration reform latest news

Hi, it’s Lovepreet again thanks a lot for your appreciation. this content in this I want to give you an update in fact.

I want to actually answer some of your questions regarding the travel bans and what are the updates regarding the visa backlogs.

Therefore definitely stick around coming up all right guys welcome. let’s talk about the questions that I want to answer.

What is a new update about U.S. immigration reform latest news in this article?

Travel updates for Europeans | us immigration reform latest news

us immigration reform latest news

So the first question is from again when will Europeans be able to travel to the states. it’s been a year and a half.

Now well that’s a great question. because many many people are stuck overseas and I totally understand that.

It’s a super super super frustrating situation for many of you and to answer it properly. We don’t know exactly yet.

When the travel ban will expire we do have multiple travel bans. If you are aware of one is impacting the EU. Another one is impacting south Africa.

Then we have a travel ban impacting Iran. We have a troubled man impacting china as well as India and to answer.

Your question properly as of now we don’t have information. When exactly these travel bans will be lifted.

So, therefore, it’s difficult to actually estimate and tell you when these travel bans will expire.

Individually eligible under national interest exception

us immigration reform latest news

Now what I know for sure is that if you are able to apply for an exception for example. if you are uh eligible under the national interest exception.

Then you might be able to schedule your interview especially with talking about the non-immigrant visa category.

Practically those who actually want to learn about national interest exceptions (NIE). What are the requirements for you to apply?

Also regarding the immigrant visas that are like a separate issue. Immigrant visas are the green card holders’ rights.

They are waiting outside of the united states to come to the united states and in fact,

During this pandemic millions of foreigners face problems. In case they travel united states with only a stamp on their passport.

U.S. embassies using the tier system four tiers system

U.S. embassies using the tier system

If there is your case also I want to mention that. U.S. embassies using the tier system four tiers system.

They are giving preferences to special immigrants fiances fiance visas. Then after that, they are giving preferences to diversity visas.

Employment green cards and so again you are able to schedule an interview.

however, because there are many people right now in these categories waiting for these embassies are experiencing a giant backlog.

Even though you are in a country that is not being impacted by the travel ban still. the embassy is experiencing a backlog.

Because there they have limited stuff right. So they’re trying to figure it out. How they can actually start processing loads of applications right.

If you are in those countries that are being impacted by the travel ban. The embassies are not really resuming.

The visa services trust me they are in fact resuming the immigrant visa services.

Because immigrant visa services are actually exempt from the travel ban. There was a recent change.

When this happened because before prior to that. They were actually part of the travel ban. They were not processing immigrant visas at all.

Embassies started to resume immigrant visa services

But now many of these embassies started to resume immigrant visa services at these local posts.

If Even though these embassies are within the travel ban countries right. So that’s and what I highly recommend for you especially.

If you are waiting for your green card interview especially.

You literally start request with expedite NVC

If you are stuck for a long time. I highly recommend you actually request expedite. There is a way you can request.

The expedite through NVC and the process is such that first, you have to apply at the NVC stage even though.

You are done at envisaging stage. your case is now waiting for the interview at the u.s embassy. you do not contact the u.s council you contact MVC.

Y’all schedule you to request. the expiry request at NVC level and they will actually. if they approve.

Thee contact us embassy also I will be linking below here this article. Where I did explain how you can request expedite at NVC.

So this is for those who are within the green card immigrant visa category.

Category of non-immigrant visa | us immigration reform latest news

Category of non-immigrant visa

Okay if you’re in the category of non-immigrant visa. what you can do is actually use that national interest exception (NIE) right.

Yeah, there are many different options and ways. How we can actually use the national interest exception.

If you are a business owner maybe your business is actually creating value for the economies in the critical infrastructure sector.

There would be a reason for you to actually request that exception national interest exception. Actually, go for the visa appointment and uh schedule it.

So it depends if you’re someone who is a student. If once you’re an m1 a student.

You automatically should be able to schedule your appointment. You shouldn’t even ask for the exception.

If you are a j-1 cam counselor these are unfortunately not under the exception. But for example,

if you’re at lead you can actually request national interest exceptions. So again like it really depends on the visa especially.

We’re talking about non-immigrant visas. then the valid reason behind it is right. So again if you need to brainstorm. if you would qualify you’re welcome to reach out.

Accept after an interview process where do your green card transfer in us?

So once you schedule the appointment. You go for an interview. thee bring with y’all the medical exam report or the doctor will send it.

It is electronically to our embassy. You go to the interview with the package of documents. you submitted to NVC take it with you.

Some of the interview done by the immigrant all accept by NVC

You will receive a visa to travel to 20 states within the next three months. Once you arrive in an empty state.

Then you will be receiving your green card in the mail at the address that you provided. that is how it goes through closer processing,

okay, so that’s legally trying to proceed with the green card. you can believe that your process of an application for a green card starts on NVC. then at stage approved by NVC.

Then they will schedule the interview. They contact our embassy to schedule your interview and highly recommend it.

You do the experience then you are on top of the list otherwise. You are in the queue and it might take months right.

I’m waiting for CR one interview we’ve been a part of one year we plan to expedite?

All right let me introduce ourselves another look. What is your other question? I’m waiting for C R 1 interview.

We’ve been a part one year and a half we are planning to expedite definitely absolutely go for it um.

Like I said if you need help with the expedite you are welcome to reach out remember.

You have to actually go through the NVC level. Because do not contact the embassy. You go and you contact NVC.

That’s how you expedite and once they approve you. they will contact the embassy and that’s how you’re going to be able to schedule your interview.

Although of that you should be able to schedule your appointment. Because you are within the category that is giving the priority.

Who is deciding the expedited request NVC or u.s embassy

All right another question was basically somebody is asking. If who is deciding the request especially.

If you are doing the expedited request is it deciding or is it nvc that is deciding or is it the u.s embassy.

This is deciding the expert request once. You actually contact MVC and you do the expert request NVC is deciding. In that case and that request is based on the evidence.

You need to have evidence to support this claim. You can just um thou can just say that you know what it’s been one year.

I want to go back that’s not sufficient you need to have evidence.

The main role NVC | us immigration reform latest news

So NVC will decide your case whether. it’s approved or not They will let you know once. The case is approved.

They will contact our embassy and they will tell you to schedule your interview. your embassy will schedule.

The interview for you even though guys even though there is a backlog even though. the embassy is within the country. which is impacting by the travel ban.

I know that as a matter of fact. because I’ve done it for someone. So I know it works like that.

I’m receiving different comments and questions. you know people ask me you know there’s nothing.

If your request is not accept | us immigration reform latest news

us immigration reform latest news

The application with your different evidence you can apply many times. you can try to do it again and you can keep requesting until.

Then I would do it again I would wait another month. Get different evidence and do it again and you can keep requesting until.

It makes sense right especially if you have the evidence and valid reason for it.


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