Universal travel pass (Maharashtra) 3/5 degree categories detailed guide

Hello there, audience Therefore, once again, we return to the new topic of the Universal travel pass (Maharashtra). The Maharashtra government has created a universal travel pass that allows you to travel in local trains everywhere in Maharashtra, so you must obtain a universal travel ticket before purchasing another monthly pass.

The distinction between Universal travel pass (Maharashtra) 3/5 degree categories

So in this session, I’ll show visitors who can make level five pass degree level five alright, what’s the difference we’ll explain shortly so if you’re a citizen, you completed the second dose of vaccination, and after 15 days,

You qualify for Maharashtra universal travel pass, you get a level 3 degree pass, which means you can make the journey in Maharashtra to restrictions below 3 which means 3 or below 1 to 3 levels of restriction areas, but if you’re a citizen,

You completed the second, Because you are in five categories, friends do not have any travel restrictions, such as one, two, three, or four. Visitors can travel anywhere from one to five without any restrictions.

Sure, so now we’ll see who can make a level five pass and what the procedure is. As you can see on the image, this is the normal level three pass, and level three is clearly mentioned.

So this participant has finished his second dose of vaccination, and after 15 days of the second dose, if you apply for a universal travel pass with level 3 access, it will be provided to you.

We have provided a suitable video for this topic, you can watch the links and get the pass online.

Maharashtra universal travel pass (level 5 pass)

So now we're talking about level 5 passes, so what are the categories of who can get them?

These are the main categories who can get level 5 passes, and remember friends, level 5 passes cannot be made as individuals; your organization must issue them. I’ll walk you through the entire process.

As a result, if you are :
  • Education category
  • Government subcategory
  • Medical semi-government
  • Some of the service persons

You will be offered a level 5 pass, which allows you to travel to any restricted areas.

The highlights of the Universal travel pass (Maharashtra) categorization

So, for example, if you consider education, if you choose education, I will show you the protocol, but the highlight is that teachers can receive this type of pass.

Now, if you are in the medical field, suppose all of these people under the medical field diagnostic center dispensary hospital means covered and non-covered both are included medical and pharmaceutical stores are also eligible as you can see here and medical supply nursing home this all of these groups are eligible for level five category pass.

There is one more thing under services. All of these services are also included in the level five category: airport defense, electric fire, gas, police, and port services. Telecommunications services and metro all fall under the purview of the level five pass.

Now let us quickly see how to get this level five pass so friends for getting the level five pass.

This is the universal pass link from the Maharashtra government so the usual citizens can come under the citizen option and this is as a normal citizen you can go for this option easily apply the vai link.

How to use universal establishment staff portal

Now mainly we are going to talk about this option universal password establishment staff for that first your establishment should register online for this portal and they are going to use this option you cannot do as a person.

Your company must do it for you, and I will show you the procedure that your company must follow.

First, they must register their establishment, which must be approved by disaster management. Once completed, they must upload their staff details and an SMS must be sent to the staff so that they can upload about there photo and download the level 5 pass.

In-depth information on Establishment Registration

So, once a company clicks on this link for establishment registration, they are required to provide all of their company’s details.

As I will show, they must quickly fill out all of their company registration details, including establishment name, registration number, and so what is the establishment type who can register for this?

This is just what I was saying in the starting establishment type and categorization is here.

okay I’ll show you what categories fall under this if you click on category this we have shown in the beginning education government magical uh a lot of five categories fall under this registration’

If you click on category this we have shown in the beginning education government magical oh yeah a lot of five categories fall under this registration.

Totally fine, so if you're a business owner, you'll need to go here and register your business, and you'll notice that a lot of services fall into this category, as we've already seen.

This, and if you say education teachers fall into this, then the educational institution head or the responsive respective person has to do this for their staff once they have selected all of these details.

As you can see, I’m providing an example here: a hospital must register under the medical field, and a diagnostic center can do so as well.

After that, uh selecting a first selecting their uh details and uh the type of uh organization they are going to register, there are a lot of things to consider.

Basically, they must specify how many employees require the pass, and they must provide the number of employees required in the past, so this can be done by a single person.

Universal travel pass (Maharashtra) Registration

Who is to bear responsibility for it?

After that, as you can see here if you are registering a hospital to be medical and hospital, we have copied and non-copied options as well, so all of this can be done by your organization, and then they must provide these details before completing.

What information do they need to provide?

They must upload their staff details, and the establishment can log in using the coordinator’s mobile number.

Okay, so the establishment’s coordinator must complete the process you are seeing now, and then they must download the staff for the detailed template.

To do so, they must first click here and download the staff template in that stamp template.

You must complete these fields. Each and every staff member’s mobile number, id, and name, as well as other details.

Gender, age, and department must all be completed first.

After that, they must upload staff details by clicking on this button. Now, all of the staff members whose mobile numbers are listed on this sheet will receive an SMS.

Following the completion of the final steps in the company’s registration,

So basically this is the option under the home page uh this is the option universal pass for establishment staff this is the option we saw at the beginning,

Okay I’ll show you that so basically this is the option under the home page uh this is the option universal pass for establishment staff this is the option we saw at the beginning,

Okay, I’ll show you that so basically this is the option under the home.

Which was supplied to your employer, okay?

If you are a member of the company’s staff, you will receive the SMS. To begin, go to this option universal pass for establishment staff, and then enter your mobile number.

You should have received an SMS asking you to input your cell number, and then you will submit your photograph for the first time.

You’ll get the pass, but you’ll have to upload your photo first. Okay, have your photo ready on your phone and press the huh pick file button.

Choose your photo and click upload; after that, you can simply produce and download your brand new e-pass.

It makes it look like this and clearly, you can see here once you download, you get a travel five-category pass that means your organization. Once they make a pass for you like this you are going to get a level 5 pass and not the level 3 pass like an ordinary citizen will get this is the level 3 pass so if you apply yourself online.

Summery lines..

You will be given a level 3 pass, allowing you to travel across restricted areas one, two, and three.

Some destinations have level five and four restrictions, so you won’t be able to visit them all.

You can travel, but only if your company provides you with a level five pass. According to the description, level three may only travel to regions one, two, and three.

As we saw at the outset, level two can only travel to the limited area of one on two, however, if you have a degree five pass from your company, as demonstrated in this blog article, you may travel to any prohibited location.

It is explicitly indicated here that regardless of travel restrictions, you can obtain a level 5 pass through your organization, and I have clearly explained the process. Thank you very much. If you work for an organization that falls into this category, please request that your organization raise a pass for you so that you can travel to all restricted areas.

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