Top 10 places to visit in Morocco

Top 10 places to visit in Morocco

Hello, travelers welcome everybody we create content discussing amazing travel facts and amazing destinations. Join us on our journey around the world we are going to talk about the top 10 places to visit in Morocco.

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman might have given the world Casablanca, however, Morocco has a lot more than its biggest city the Atlantic Ocean country.

Offers voyagers the chance to encounter life in an antiquated Arabic culture stunning on the seashores or snow skiing in the mountains.

Whether meandering aimlessly through antiquated medinas testing cooking at a neighborhood Sioux or unwinding in the sun at a whitewash coastline town.

The past is consistently present in Morocco here’s a list of the top 10 best places to visit in Morocco

#1 Take a ferry ride to Tangier | Top 10 places to visit in Morocco

Number 1 Take a ferry ride to Tangier is one of the most famous. the most beautiful European-like tourist places in all of Morocco.

it also serves as a major gateway for many tourists. who is traveling by sea mainly from southern Europe? This place is a one-stop shop for all of those activities.

That you must have planned for your vacation. if you are a lover of history and Moroccan culture. you might not need to visit any other place in the country as Tangier is full of rich historic sites museums and palaces.

It is this very history and culture that draws insight from seers here from all over the world. you can always visit the ancient caves of Hercules and dine at the local cafes and bistros.

If you are not interested in all the geeky stuff. you could just head over to the premium beaches and sunbathe away your problems.

The sunsets at the beaches and panoramic views of the strait of Gibraltar. Alone worth the visit to this beauty queen of Morocco don’t forget to take a ferry ride to the city from Tarifa Spain it hardly takes 30 minutes

#2 Casablanca

number 9 Casablanca This city is good news for all the architecture fans out there Casablanca. It is stunning Mauresque buildings are a complete bliss for any person.

Who is into architecture and if you are wondering what mark is a blend of modern French colonial design with the traditional Moroccan style.

It forms the ideal representation of modernity Hassan. The second mosque is one of the major tourist attractions in Casablanca to visit this architectural masterpiece.

If you ever happen to be in the city. if architecture is not your interest don’t be disheartened as there’s always a foodie in every one of us in Casablanca.

It has a huge variety of cuisines from different parts of the world. The most famous is undoubtedly the Moroccan cuisine itself. So get heading to the nearest marketplace.

Look for your favorite cuisines to calm down. Your taste buds by chance. If you are both an architecture enthusiast and a die-hard foodie. There’s only one word that can do justice to Casablanca heaven

#3 High atlas | Top 10 places to visit in Morocco

number eight don’t forget to keep your hiking boots for the high atlas time to straighten your backs. Get yourself in some action next up on the list.

We have a high atlas is the tallest range of mountains in North Africa. It runs all across Morocco for about 1 000 kilometers. So if you are ready to spend a good chunk of your life.

Where you can trek the whole range. but if you are an average person like me head on to the nearest peak and enjoy a can of beer.

While viewing the scenic valleys in the beautiful city down below the panoramic landscapes. The alluring hiking trails have earned the high atlas.

Its rightful name is a paradise for the trekkers. The most ideal time for visiting the high atlas is between the spring and autumn seasons.

If you want to experience beauty at its peak. So what are you waiting for grab your boots and get a cab on the first chance you get

#4 Relive the Game of Thrones

number seven relive the game of thrones all of you must have seen the game of thrones. if you are not part of the one percent who hasn’t you wouldn’t want to miss your chance to visit Astoria season three of the series.

Which is arguably one of the best in the entire series was shot in Astoria. if you remember the season clearly try walking in the shoes of any character.

You like a worthwhile experience. If you are in the one percent. you could still admire the high castles. The ruins in the city this is all very boring to you.

You could stroll through the medina or simply go for the easiest getaway at the nearest beach. Gaze over the Atlantic Ocean. This seaside town was a popular beach hangout for many celebrities like Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix.

If you are lucky enough you might end up running into your favorite celeb too music lovers also have a lot to do here. There are several notable music festivals held here.

So keep a check on them and do not miss out on the new world music festival. It is one of the most vivid beach festivals in the world.

#5 Asala | Top 10 places to visit in Morocco

number 6. Asala is located on Morocco’s North Atlantic coast. Asala is well known among vacationers and residents as a sweltering summer spot.

you can tell whether a spot is worth visiting by seeing it. If local people are bothered with it or not since Asala is hugely famous with Moroccans.

It is a very sure thing as an incredible spot to visit aside from the sandy seashores. The city walls canvassed and vivid murals likewise make this city one of the top Morocco spots to visit.

In case you are here during August remember to go to the town’s lively yearly arts festival which makes it each youth’s.

number one city in Morocco during this time the best part is that. It is deeply connected with all the major cities of Morocco. It lies between the rail line linking Tangier to Rabat Casablanca maracas etc.

Assala’s main tourist attraction is paradise beach. You can head there early and be free in time for a fancy lunch at the restaurant Oceano Casa Pepe.

The evening can be spent visiting Alpino’s. which is a famous art gallery. But it will only fascinate you if you are an art lover there is a small sue market in the area as well.

If you feel like going for a stroll or window shopping or even getting something all.

This may not seem much but it can get quite hectic and tiring to have a break from a busy and hustled tour. You can always head on to the next place on the list.

#6 Marrakech

number five spend a regular day in Marrakech. If you get tired of seeing the historic sites in the scenic views shopping is never a bad option in Morocco.

what better place is there other than Marrakech to do? That is located towards the north of the foothills of the atlas. The bustling city has a lot to offer spend.

In the evening visit the busy marketplaces like gemma elfana or other shoes and ride out. The day’s heat at Darcy said museum Your day with a fancy dinner at Hotel la Maison Arabi.

If you have any energy left pay a visit to the largest medina in Morocco. Marrakech can be considered as a broken place from the very happening and busy Morocco. But now the break time’s overtime to head on towards our next place.

#7 The rose valley

number four the rose valley is probably the best spot in Morocco for individuals. Who looks for the less taken paths rose valley is as pretty as.

It can get with different shades of green immaculate blue waters and snow-covered Atlas mountains. tremendous patches of olive and fig trees framing.

Its scene rose valley is genuinely an incredible sight a getaway for the adventure hunters. This valley got its name from the immense pink gardens of roses.

That covers the floors of Morocco with the sweet and overpowering scent and pink views. Whenever visited is the ideal month. Which may provide an unmatchable experience without effort.

One can easily spend a lot of time here absorbing the magnificence of mother nature. There is nothing much to do here so bring a camera along as you might want to click a picture or two for a nostalgic memory

#8 Udayas casbah

number three keep the cameras out for days casbah morocco is home to a lot of casbahs as well as old town regions. Where all these are present perhaps.

The most enchanting and best place to visit in Morocco of these is Rabbat’s odes casbah neighborhood. Which is known as the country’s most picturesque locality.

The main attraction here is the white and blue houses and narrow passageways. Which provides an aesthetically pleasing background for photography.

Many professional photoshoots have taken place on these streets. Before people usually visit here because of its seclusion from

the hustle beauty and peace. So just walk around enjoy the serenity click some pictures and well relax and enjoy yourself.

#9 The Sahara desert

number two book a desert safari in the Sahara desert. The desert is a necessary visit. When you are in Morocco from watching the flawless sunsets.

Over the dunes to look at the sky. loaded with splendid stars each involvement with the desert is spellbinding and remarkable.

Sahara is famous for its desert safaris and camel caravans. So make sure to arrange one for yourself. While you are there ensure that out of the multitude of best places to visit in Morocco.

You do save a couple of days for an outing to the Sahara desert probably the best and the most different spot to go in Morocco

#10 Rabat

number one the capital city Rabat is on top of the list. It is the capital of Morocco rabat cities are made capitals for a reason. The year-round good weather and international standards.

Beaches are just a couple of reasons why the robot is one of the hottest places to visit in Morocco. The city is divided into two portions.

The medina with fortified outer walls and the new city outside.The walls of the medina with wide boulevards huge palaces museums and state-of-the-art architecture.

Within the medina, you can buy anything from souvenirs to fresh produce that too at a bargain price outside the walls. You will find many international standard cafes and restaurants with a lot of shopping areas.

While you are there take a tour of the Hassan Tower and do take out time to visit the chela costus of days It is also one of the major attractions in the area. So one thing is for sure you will never get bored while you are in the capital.

Conclusion | Top 10 places to visit in Morocco

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