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All right so you are moving to Places to Stay in Newport Oregon you’re coming to check things out and you need to figure out where to stay we’re having a lot of clients show up and they’re staying in the wrong place really far from where they want to be so this article will teach you exactly where you need to be staying when you come to Portland Oregon so ready for know what’s up everybody.

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Staying Portland metro follow us | Places to stay in Newport Oregon

However, if you want to get a hold of us we got your back when moving to the Portland metro we do have a lot of people’s questions and they’re showing up and we want to really just go over the entire Portland metro of where you need to be staying according to the area you want to be looking at we don’t want to drive it forever first of all second of all you need to feel the vibe of the areas that you’re wanting to live in.

1. Downtown Portland Jesse

So first of all we’re gonna start downtown Portland Jesse let’s talk about where to stay there if you’re looking to stay in the UH Northwest alphabet district.

I highly recommend staying at Northrup station this is gonna be really close to 23rd Avenue slob town and a lot of great other things if you’re looking to stay in proper downtown you can stay anywhere around Pioneer Square there are lots of options whether it’s Embassy Suites Hilton’s Kimpton hotel properties

So lots of great options for you in downtown Portland Northwest Portland the Nob Hill area I think I really love about staying in Northwest Portland is the fact that it’s so walkable up there.

You can go right up to 23rd Avenue you got miles of you-to-know restaurants shops bars really cool boutique clothing stores and if you’re staying downtown you have great shopping you know tax-free here in Oregon so you have a lot of great shopping food scene is amazing and entertainment is untouchable.

2. Northeast Portland

Okay, so you think Northeast Portland might be your vibe one of the places that we actually really think is a cool place to stay is either at the tiny house hotel over on Northeast Alberta it’s a tiny house hotel or Kennedy School which is owned by the Kaminin so it’s a brewery they have soaking tubs there they got a really cool live music also they got killer cigar lounge if you’re into that whiskey rooms so lots of great cool funky little things the thing I love about all of those areas is that it’s really close to Southeast Portland it’s very centralized as well to downtown Portland Vancouver so if you’re looking to move to any of those areas this is an amazing Places to stay in Newport Oregon.

3. Southeast Portland

So southeast is your thing you know the one thing I will say is there are not a lot of hotel options in Southeast Portland but there is a lot of Airbnb to choose from and the thing is this is gonna give you a true indication of what it’s like to live in those neighborhoods and go for yourself in the community as well as you know all the fun things that there are to do around Southeast Portland.

Whether it’s the Hawthorne district Richmond Belmont Kearns you know the list goes on and on and on but you know these are worse than two of the top foodie neighborhoods are located and there are just so many great things to do and the nightlife is absolutely amazing.

When you are looking at the short-term rentals in Southeast Portland I would highly recommend staying inside of 39th Avenue or its alcohol Cesar Chavez Boulevard but I’m old school so definitely look to stay inside that and you want to stay between East Burnside and Southeast Powell.

4. South suburbs of Portland

So moving a little bit further south you know if you are looking to move into the south suburbs of Portland you know there are some great spots to stay right along the South Waterfront whether it’s South Waterfront over there at the river place in or one of the Hyatt places right there there’s a lot of great restaurants shops and it’s really new and upcoming at the South Waterfront the is right there.

So you can take a tram ride up to OHSU Durham Becker’s Children Hospital but you know I would say that you know the thing that I love about that is you can hop right on the trolley and South Waterfront and take it all the way into downtown Portland or up into Northwest Nob Hill area so there’s everything that you need right outside of that area and it’s very very friendly to somebody that doesn’t have a car why they’re here in town.

5. Lake Oswego

All right we got to show you the goods now where we’re at one of the coolest hotels Jada’s gonna fill you all in about this spot so say you want to move to Lake Oswego and you want to know what it’s like to really really live in this city right behind me is the Lake Shore in this place books up it’s very affordable.

but if you can see right there they got a killer pool outside so in the summertime it’s absolutely stunning out here your kids can go swimming you can go you know when you can go right next door to stickmen brewing and have a frosty brewski you know and then also right across the street to the north.

You got this beautiful square you got holy taco you got St. Honore, you got salt & straw down here so many great things to explore and find and really engulf yourself with that lifestyle of Lake Oswego you also got the Saturdays market right here during the nice season

So yeah if you want to stay in Lake Oswego I check out Lake Shore in there are also a few other spots out towards um at the end of cruise way and then out there’s even great too.

Some of my favorite spots | cheap places to stay in Newport Oregon

Because you have one of our other favorite spots El Jefe is over there hey so right behind me is Boone’s Ferry which is one of the main roads in Lake Oswego running east-west here and we’re coming up on the shopping center

So we’re on the west end of the lake really popular shopping center right here and it’s got one of my favorite restaurants Jefe incredible Mexican cuisine plus it’s got a Zupan’s market this place is packed all the time

Living right around this area is super desirable and it’s a little more cost-effective as well you got our G tram is another great restaurant you can check out but the walkability is really good and it’s a great spot.

6. Wilsonville Portland Oregon

You got our G tram is another great restaurant you can check out but the walkability is really good and it’s a great spot If you want to go south or further out west but speaking of south there are some great spots down in Wilsonville that you can stay at you know I’d say the walkability isn’t that great but it will allow you to see what the city’s really like to live down in those southern parts.

So I will say if you are to stay in that Wilsonville area another great option is if you want to stay in Tualatin is the Grand Hotel it’s a great independent hotel and it’s right next to Bridgeport Village and this is a place that I highly recommend that you would stay is if you’re gonna be wanting to live that South quadrant of Portland

But you know moving out to the west side you got Beaverton Tigard Hillsboro Renko’s station there are a lot of great hotels to stay at you know if you want to stay in a Reiko station or if you want to be close to Tanis born with great walkability

I would highly suggest a loft Hotel it’s a great funky little hotel it’s a corporation but they have so many fun live music events and you can walk anywhere pretty much or jump on the max and come right into Portland and if you want more of that urban Beaverton feel. you want to be by we’re all the Beaverton food carts are you could stay at any of the hotels right there on Beaverton Hillsdale highway or Canyon Road.

Places to stay in Newport Oregon | the Coast area of Portland

Alright so you’re coming here to try and find the place to live but you’re also you know you may be having a day or two extra and you want to go see some other stuff we’re going to talk about things that are you know within an hour two hours away that you can go check out.

The first place that a lot of people always want to go check out when their hair is the coast and the reason why is because it’s only an hour and a half from Portland to drive over there a couple of places.

7. Cannon Beach

I highly recommend is Cannon Beach it’s a super cool quaint little town it’s very walkable they have tons of restaurants shops breweries wine tasting rooms lots of things to do extremely family-friendly but to the south about 510 miles is a little town called Manzanita it’s like a mini Cannon Beach.

But they have this killer little Inn that I absolutely love called the Manzanita in and right next door is a killer little bar-restaurant called the sand dunes I absolutely love it their altars are amazing

But those are two amazing places to go to on the Oregon coast that are right outside of Portland that you can get to within an hour and a half.

Some of another great places in the coastal area of Portland

I will also add to that because we go to the coast for day trips all the time but if you’re gonna be staying I would highly recommend Lincoln City that’s got a fun downtown Rockaway Beach is probably one of our favorites and then Pacific City is actually one that you can drive on the beach

So you can take your vehicle out there there’s pelican brewery right there and there’s actually a hotel spa right there it also has this like 500-foot dune that you can hike up and run down. ​I’ve actually seen whales from hiking up there out into the ocean so those are great spots.

8. Columbia Gorge

Next, maybe the coast isn’t your thing and you want to really explore the Columbia Gorge it’s world-class windsurfing kiteboarding all those fun things that have to do with water and wind,

Out there the town that everyone dies to see and loves is called a Hood River Now this is gonna come as a surprise.

You but the best place to stay out there is the Best Western Hood River you can look it up to ask thousands of reviews and they’re all between 4 and 5 stars but on the way out there.

9. Multnomah Falls

You can stop and see Multnomah Falls it’s amazing and if you wanted to go a little bit further to the east you could actually go to The Dalles but in Hood River, you got tons of wineries and tons of iconic breweries like Full Sail free.

you know the list goes on and on but they have amazing wind so they can recycle the energy out there and they also have amazing water qualities because the water runs right off of Mount Hood it’s fresh glacial water that makes the best brewskis speaking of brewskis.

10. Oregon Bend | Places to stay in Newport Oregon

If you want to go to another iconic place in Oregon Bend is by far one of the coolest places to go it’s about three and a half-hour drive outside of Portland but you have amazing brewskis.

You have amazing outdoor activities you got Mount Bachelor so you can go skiing and snowboarding you got the Cascade Lakes.

So if it’s the summertime you got thousands of lakes to go exploring you can float the river right through downtown there are killer places to stay in Newport Oregon I highly recommend staying at the Oxford it is right downtown and extremely walkable.

11. Old Mill district

You can also go over to the old mill district there are lots of little restaurants and shops down there they have a concert series in the summertime

But Bend is also known for world-class golfing you have like you know pronghorn Brasada ranch which is actually in Redmond

13. Redmond Airport | Places to stay in Newport Oregon

So if you wanted to fly over there you could actually fly into the Redmond Airport go stay at Brasada Ranch they have an Epic spa outdoor killer pool for your kids and the community is so much fun they have really really fun outdoor fire pits and lots of things to do for the family

All right so that’s lots of places to stay in Newport Oregon and lots of cool things to do but again you’ve got to reach out to us to find that perfect area that maybe you’re thinking about living or want to go see.


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