Top 10 Places to Visit in Kuwait

Top 10 Places to Visit in Kuwait

Kuwait City is the capital of the Gulf nation of Kuwait at its heart sits. the grand mosque known for its vast interior and chandelier dome on the waterfront the late 19th-century chief Top 10 Places to Visit in Kuwait. Features a neo-Arabic watchtower and manicured gardens.

#Number one Kuwait Tower | Top 10 Places to Visit in Kuwait

The Kuwait Tower is actually a group of three towers on Arabian gulf street in Tasmania a symbol of economic resurgence in Kuwait. the towers were built a year after Kuwait’s independence from England a combination of traditional Islamic design with modern architecture. the towers are often compared to the slender minarets of the mosques of Samarkand and Bakara.

#Number Two | Tariq Region museum

Tariq region museum a personal collection by Kuwait’s first minister Tariq Sayed Rajab and his British wife Jahan Welborn gets submerged in history and transported back in time in this small-scale museum housed in the basement of a villa in Jabra the exquisite collection here includes Islamic arts ceramics gold and silver jewelry metal and glass works costumes pottery brainy pearls manuscripts musical instruments and a lot more.

#Number Three | The National museum

The national museum was designed by French architect Michel Ecochard the national museum is the true representation of Kuwaiti heritage the museum was formerly the residence of the royal al-Sabah family although it was plundered during the gulf war a lot of it has been restored over the years there are three main sections archaeology heritage and planetarium.

#Number Four | Grand mosque

The grand mosque is located in the heart of the city this mosque is known as the al-masjid al-Kabir by the locals Kuwait’s largest mosque the grand mosque is known for its conventional Islamic architecture. The mosque is not as impressive from the outside as it is from the inside with a capacity of some 10 000 people. there are elements of Persian structural design characterized by a central dome pointed arches and pillar arcades.

#Number Five | Liberation tower

Liberation Tower is the symbol of Kuwait’s liberation the tower is named after the multinational coalition that led to the liberation of the country from annexation by Iraq the structure is made of ceramic tiles apart from the telecommunications office there is a revolving restaurant and an observation platform.

#Number Six | Kuwait House of national works

Kuwait House of national works is an ode to the Kuwait citizens military and allied forces that were martyred to expel the Iraqi perpetrators from Kuwait located in Shuik this memorial museum captures the morbid period of the first gulf war in 1990-91 the exhibits comprise a set of crafted city models that are stamped in time with recordings in both Arabic and English.

#Number Seven | House of Mirrors

House of mirrors this house belongs to Italian-born Lydia Alcapton sculptor painter jeweler and her family as the story goes her daughter Delilah had once broken a mirror and oblivious to the superstitious belief surrounding broken mirrors Lydia was inspired to do something artistic with the glass shards although visits are only on prior appointment basis the hosts are friendly and welcoming

#Number Eight | Aquarium and scientific center

Aquarium and scientific center in Sao Mia of Kuwait The scientific center is located along the waterfront. there are three main places of attraction inside the science center namely the aquarium the discovery palace and the iMac cinema the dal harbor is also located right along the waterfront one of the largest aquariums in the middle east. there are a wide variety of species in different types of environment conditions.

#Number nine | Sief Palace the Amir household

Sief palace the amir household however never lived in the safe palace instead the palace served as a court for celebrations built by Sheik Mubarak this palace is considered to be an integral part of Kuwait City and its progress is a splendid example of Islamic architecture with original Islamic mosaic tile work.

#Number ten | El Sada house | Top 10 Places to Visit in Kuwait

El sada house sauda house is a unique museum a marked departure from the usual collection of artifacts and antiquities bait al sadhu was formerly a traditional Kuwaiti house located right next to the national museum on gulf road it now stands as an interesting museum that exhibits the bedouin style of weaving SATA weaving the al sauda society was established to preserve these bedouin crafts.

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