R V park near me for a superb trip to Molokai, Hawaii

R V park near me for a superb trip to Molokai, Hawaii

If you plan a perfect RV trip in Molokai Hawaii for your expeditions. I am appreciated for providing the Best knowledge about the RV park near me that helps you during your R V travel in Molokai Island, in Hawaii.

Molokai is a great gigantic island in Hawaii And famed among tourists for Charmful Attractions, Affordable accommodation, Ecotourism breathtaking nature, and thrilling vacations.

#1. Alamo Rent A Car | RV park near me | R V travel in Molokai Hawaii

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the integrating product of car rental value offers various types of cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans also. we take car rentals on affording prices from them and separately decide on a trip plan.

the operations required cars to rent a minimum of 1 day or a maximum of 4 days. Alamo Car rental explores multiple good facilities of plan on web product flow. literally, you can choose from them a reliable car and book during your RV trip to Molokai.

  • Destinations Facts
  • Latitude: 21.157337
  • Longitude : -157.095075
  • Opening and closing time: Monday to Saturday 7 am to 7 pm and Sunday Closed
  • Distance: The destination away from Molokai Airport, 2 min (0.1 miles)
  • Price: $35.00 to $40.00 per day for 5 five seaters and economy class $175.00 per week

#2. Molokai Museum & Cultural Center

Seekers really enjoyed the visit to the museum and the old sugar cane factory. In the museum, there was a lot of interesting information about old Molokai culture and the inhabitants of the leprosy station.

The sugar cane factory is well restored and represented in detail how the white gold used to be extracted from sugar cane. A Majestic and most interesting museum spotlighting the historic sugar mill.

but now it’s completely converted to Museum. The history defines of Hansen’s disease and the plight of the people at Kalaupapa is mentioned here in detail.

  • Destinations Facts
  • Latitude:21.160235
  • Longitude:21.1602° N, 157.0101° W
  • Opening and closing time: Monday to Wednesday 10 am 1 pm and Saturday 10 am–2 pm. render other days closed
  • Distance: The destination away from Molokai Airport, 12 min (7.5 miles) by HI-460 or State Hwy 470
  • Price: ticket $5 adults, $1 Kids

#3. Waikolu Valley Lookout | | RV park near me | R V travel in Molokai Hawaii

Waikoloa Valley Lookout is an ideal place for Incredible views. The picturesque doesn’t do justice to the scale of this fantastic sight.

The elevation is something like 3500′ at the lookout, and the valley goes down over to sea level.

The green lush valley explores eco-friendly scenic waterfalls. the valley has reported seeing as many as 11 waterfalls.

Make sure that You will need a 4WD Suv to get here but the views are worth it.

When the clouds have separated and it feels like you are standing on top of the world.

This site is famed for RV Season trips, Bumpy road, track trekking, Filip waterfalls jumping, hiking, and camping.

  • Destinations Facts
  • Latitude: 21.1307° N, 156.9215° W
  • Longitude:21.1307° N, 156.9215° W
  • Opening and closing time: scenic route of the valley 24Hours open
  • Distance: The destination away from Molokai Airport, 46 min (15.0 miles) by State Hwy 470
  • Price: Affordable price for Trip minimum $250

#4. Pālā’au State Park

Pālā’au State Park is legendary pasture land and koa, eucalyptus, and famous ironwood forests.

This park is remarkable for Camping tents. During RV trips most of the Seekers will stop for a picnic.

They also enjoyed the trails here, especially the spectacular view of the lookout. Over here when the clouds pass through the park,

That creates a Charmful outlook scene. the great Kalaupapa Peninsula is a challenging 3-mile hike between backpackers.

  • Destinations Facts
  • Latitude: 21° 10′ 27″ N
  • Longitude:157° 0′ 29″ W
  • Opening and closing time: State Park move on timing 7 am to 7 pm
  • Distance: The destination away from Molokai Airport,16 min (9.4 miles) by HI-460 and State Hwy 470/Kalae Hwy
  • Price: citizen person Charges $20 Per night, non – citizen $30 Per Night

#5. Shipwreck beach | RV park near me | R V travel in Molokai Hawaii

Sightseeing of beach is an interesting place to hike a little and look around, Shipwreck beach is a name famed for the many ships.

That has many years ago were destroyed and also have been accidentally sunk in the channel between Lanai and Molokai.

One thing that must be more famous is the trail that was 200 yards (180 m) long And joined with Kukui petroglyphs.

Only a short 4-wheel drive journey down from Lanai City. the seeker was Attract to this site for research purposes on destroying shipwrecks.

The place almost pretty looked with the heavy blue ocean. Seeker does not miss a chance to flip and jumps over a rock in the water.

  • Destinations facts
  • Latitude: 20.826084
  • Longitude:-156.919785
  • Opening and closing time: Walkbilty 24 hours open but the ideal time to spend 3 hours to Half Day
  • Distance:18.6 mi (29.9 km) to the Maui airport
  • Price: No charges free

#6. Ka Ule o Nanahoa

The sight was seen of Phallic Rock its create a fantastic vision. Many tourists stay on this take photographs with the Incredible type Phallic Rock

When you hike down to the trail path you see this special rock. the path of the trail gives a perfect imaginary Kalaupapa lookout.

The places full of peace and Shows our endless beauty of ironwood long tree.

Seekers are Attracted to this spot for Activities like hiking, Walkbilty on the trail, eco recreation, and nature photography done here.

  • Destinations Facts
  • Latitude:21.344025
  • Longitude:-158.039956
  • Opening and closing time: Walkbilty 24 hours open but the ideal time to spend 1 hour
  • Distance: The destination away from Molokai Airport 16 min (9.4 miles) by HI-460 and State Hwy 470/Kalae Hwy
  • Price: No charges free

#7. Molokai Veterans’ Memorial

At the main street of Kaunakakai’s, you can watch here a very prominent monument was established.

It represented the war memorial brave Molokai soldier. Who died in the past American war.

The sight of the memorial creates an inspiring look of memorial cannons and the stone pillar.

The name and historical information mentioned on tombstones.

This memorial is dedicated to remembering the dead people in the American war forever.

The seeker involves taking an interest to well known About the famed historical past of Molokai.

  • Destinations Facts
  • Latitude: 21.090825
  • Longitude:-157.020345
  • Opening and closing time: Open 24 hours but the ideal time to spend 1 to half-hour
  • Distance: The destination away from Molokai Airport is 15 min (8.1 miles) by fast traffic route.
  • Price: No charges free

#8. Pu’uka’oku Falls

Pu’uka’oku Falls Height 840m (2,756ft) with one of the 8 high elevation waterfalls in the globe. internationally tourist loved natural treasures.

The Site creates an imaginary Gigantic look Seekers attract to see these locations, the Seashore’s highest cliffs ranges are famed on Molokai island.

Many tourists, hike lovers, come to these spots and enjoy the Clif jump over the falls, take Shower in falls, Photography gesture activities are done here.

To tour this site by helicopter is another way to explores the more hide Scenic places. finally, the scene provides the full of thrill and pleasure experiences to visit.

  • Destinations Facts
  • Latitude: 21.050556
  • Longitude:-156.876944
  • Opening and closing time: Sunday, Open 24 hours others days closed
  • Distance: the tour of possible these destinations by private jet and hiking and trekking.
  • Price: Affordable price for Trip minimum $350

#9. Kakahai’a Park safari

Attractive underrated Park located along Route 450, Kamehameha Highway, which runs along the south coast of Molokai.

The Sight is divided into two-part in a front gorgeous small beach with archipelago Lanai Island and other side covers with thrilling mountains
Some mesmeric barbecues are available on the site. the park is full of action-packed facilities and gave breathtakingly Seen.

The eco-friendly nature of the site lunch the human mind into the hypnotic trance.

Along the beachside when the waves touch to sand seashore create an exciting sensational.

Seekers attract to the Site for fishing, picnicking, Camping, bird sanctuary, and watching famous seabirds like albatross, terns, boobies, shearwaters, Stilt, coot, petrels, and tropicbirds.

Most species of birds are migratory and natives also. Alongside the forest also beware of dangerous wilderness.

  • Destinations Facts
  • Latitude: 21.082951
  • Longitude:-157.007726
  • Opening and closing time: Open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m
  • Distance: The destination away from Molokai Airport is 22 min (13.3 miles) By HI-460 and HI-450
  • Price: Affordable price for Trip minimum $250

#10. Hotel Moloka’i | RV park near me | R V travel in Molokai Hawaii

The hotel rooms are well structured had great views of the flats and the ocean outside the reef.

Most nights were cool enough to leave the windows open and enjoy the amazing sounds of the waves gently lapping the shoreline.

The restaurant has performed live shows it is popular among the seekers. As the foodstuff is looking phenomenal and with great taste.

The hotel also had a Charmful pool, also with the grounds are well kept. Seekers like to stay in a hotel love to wake up to an extremely loud chorus of songbirds around.

The Ocean Front view Deluxe Suite was very breathtaking or gorgeous. and provides a peaceful healthy experience for the tourists.

If you Choose perfect lodging options on Molokai. This one is the best that include in the 5 stars rated categories.

  • Destinations Facts



Opening and closing time: Timing check-in 10:00 am Check-out 10:00 am

Distance: The destination away from Molokai Airport is 17 min (9.6 miles) by HI-460

Price: Affordable price for Trip minimum $207.13

Ideal lines | RV park near me | R V travel in Molokai Hawaii

Conclusion: These RV trips sights Are exceptionally provide extremely thrilling fun.

Many RV trippers traditionally found these outstanding in the Molokai island.

So eventually, For the world’s Seekers, the incredible Globe provides a customized journey, RV trips, tours, UniQue Sight Scenic Gigantic look of destinations.

This content expertise and the original fact was mentioned about RV park near me for RV tour And travel in Molokai, Hawaii.


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