Best 10 catchy things to do in Tulum Mexico

Best 10 catchy things to do in Tulum Mexico

So you’re getting ready for the trip to Tulum Mexico but you’re not completely sure what there is to do so well in this Article so men I’m going to share with you 10 things to do in Tulum Mexico or just within a short driving distance outside of Tulum Mexico and so men before we leap in I want to mention you will want to stick around before the end of the article because this list of items to do is not in any particular order from best to beat and you would not want to miss out on some of those Remarkable things so let us start.

A scuba diving best options during Tulum tours

Number one on the list so as you can imagine with Tulum being a city on the coast you’ll want to do a little bit of scuba diving if you can there are a couple of choices for scuba diving Part one would be scuba diving off the under coast in the ocean

Then Part two which is likely even more common is scuba diving and some of the cenotes around Tulum so I did a scuba diving tour over in casa cenote which is just near the Tulum it was a very cool experience it was actually the first time ever scuba diving and so I got the opportunity to scuba dive in this cenote where it was a guided tour went along with one of my buddies they gave us an intro course on how to scuba dive and the depth we went scuba diving in was not super deep so we didn’t have to have all of those special skills that said i do always recommend that you should get certified before you go scuba diving so scuba diving in casa cenote is one of your best options

Things to do in Tulum mexico | Instagrammer photo sightseeing

Number two on the list matters to do exactly what many Individuals do if they visit Tulum is getting those greatest Instagram photos that are right one Reason Tulum has blown up over the last five to ten years is Due to Instagram influencers is since the Wonderful jungle storms virtually Bali like vibes but in Mexico that offers a very Distinctive experience and the chance to get some absolutely breathtaking pictures so here are 3 areas I am going to urge for you guys to go ahead and check out for that Perfect photograph

1. Raw Love | All inclusive resorts in tulum mexico

Apart 1 of the list sight will be Raw Love, it is a completely beautiful wooden statue where they have a chest open and you’ve found these forest plants directly, which provides you with this super trendy opening. If you want to avoid online then a lineup of people there would like to deliver you super there early in the morning

Wooden round tubeSelina‘| Resorts in Tulum Mexico

The second hostel Called Selina it is right out of the entry for their own restaurant and right that you’ve got this very trendy wooden round tube which attracts you in and you get a very cool photograph here the Fantastic thing about this area is there are not too many people fighting over obtaining the place to take a photograph so typically you can walk up and get a cool photograph there that actually gives the Tulum vibes

Azulik aqua villa | Cheap restaurant in footer Of Beach Tulum

The third on the list is possibly the most expensive one on this listing and it is also a very expensive restaurant, possibly the top five will escape, but that you don’t have to spend an arm and foot visit Azulik aqua villa go to a very fashionable terrace you can do so that essentially you pay 50 to buy a drink and you’ll hang in the roof of their roof that rope Sadly I don’t have a lot of footage for you to show you some photograph but it’s a fantastic place to have some very beautiful photos within Azulik is simply best Tulum Mexico all-inclusive

Tulum classic bike on rental

On number three This is actually a Tulum classic that you need to either lease or buy a bike depending on how long you’re going to be staying in Tulum as you can imagine and as you’ve seen it’s quite frequent. See people hovering over the shore fashion cruiser.

You will see Bora Bora in holidaying hot areas like the Maldives and of course, it’s a very common way where people get to a very easy stroll and it’s a really sellable city with a great deal of protected land especially for bikers.

Hovering while riding a bicycle around Tulum, in my attraction I was for about 31 days and each was likely and every day when I was in Tulum, I’m likely to wear between 5 and 10 miles that you don’t even feel it because you’re in excellent weather, you have your little mobile speaker on a bicycle and you’re just flying five more ous going in.

Plasla Perisio beach

This is the most possible list of The No.4, where I spent the vast majority of my time out of my accommodation, which was on the drama Parisio, a long stretch of Plasma Parisio beach, and the waterfront in Tulum which is a very stunning beach to visit early in the morning.

It’s nice to walk out in the middle of the afternoon for sunrise, there are some shore clubs in Plaza Parisio that are only a great place to walk out and out there’s always something and the water is ultra blue super amazing just what you come to once in addition to blooming,

even if Tulum is sitting around the east coast of Mexico. but it’s amazing to descend into the PlastaPario beach during sunset because you can see spectacular expressions of sunlight away from space in the sea sunsets both times there have been seen those super beautiful sunsets. ,

On which sunlight is shining right through the sea and it’s amazingly great and there’s a lot of different pubs and areas in the evening too,

which require special drinks to drink to celebrate or just walk out and swim in the evening it’s one of my favorite times to swim in the sea it’s just after sunset since the direct setting of the sun, because you can see the colors behind me, I’m another degree, I want to introduce the planaria, you can pick up the boat cruise, there’s a little snorkeling trip like they have a few options. Number of resorts but of course make some investment you grab some rays there sometime because it’s a fantastic beach in which

Forever best Tulum activities ‘Visit Famous Iconic cenotes tulum’

On list.5, Here you Gone are all the different Cenotes and my experience, but what I can tell you is that watching cenotes is still an amazing experience that they are basically a sinkhole from the earth and if you go to the sun one day, you can take these fantastic light rays underwater

Which won’t be an amazing adventure for a snorkel. , but you can find these attractive photos and movies that you can cherish forever. So, of course, make you make it on your cenotes there is something evenly Tulum and just a few short distances in something really beautiful alternative to people

So three people are essentially going to go on a private boat trip in some different areas so let us complete it if we are going to show you, men, for around 1500 pesos.
Love this space because there are practically none who have a total of two or three ships during the corona year so there are usually fewer people, but one of the amazing parts about being down here is that you’re going to keep kids around you.

A Road trip to Punta Allen

On No. 6, We just made it down to Punta Allen after a solid two-hour rough terrain drive we were told by our hostile host that this is one of the most beautiful places that are not too far from Tulum but a little less known I will say if you’re driving and you can spend a few more dollars get an SUV or a truck

There are so many potholes on the way down The water looks beautiful as soon as you arrive there’s a lot of people that’ll offer you tours there’s an initial one right when you arrive that’s going to charge you a more premium price.

If you keep driving a little bit further past them there is a beach you can stop off here and there are some more local guys here that are offering tours for a little bit cheaper so there’s three of us going on basically a private boat tour to a few different spots that we’re going to show you guys for about 1500 pesos so let’s do it.

Koba ruins A short road

Number seven on the list is another short road trip from Tulum but this time not as rugged and also not as long going over to the Koba ruins it’s about a 40-minute drive from Tulum’s el Centro so it is not too far to get there you can easily grab a rental car if you don’t have a rental car already when you’re staying in Tulum.

there’s a bunch of different spots you can pick them up for around thirty to forty dollars per day of renting plus gas and a lot of people rushing to get the best photo.

I get it but at the same time, it is sometimes nice to be exploring places with not too many people surrounding you that said it’s a cool spot to walk around you have options to take a bike around because it’s such a massive compound

if you will of all these different runes that stretch out you can spend hours just walking around this place or you can rent bikes or you can have bike taxis take you around the nice part is you have a few different options to get around going into

A Road trip over to Chichen Itza

let’s talk about No. 8, If you are looking at Tulum that you want to see this place in about two and a half hours or driving distance you can reach Chichen Itza out of the seven wonders of this contemporary world, this is something you definitely want another pair of ruins to include in your list that I like. ,

It is more destroyed than in Kobrin, so if you are deciding between the two that it’s driving extra space to Chichen ita in my view then it’s better to see that there are very good things to see that the background is intriguing.

So you will be in awe and there will be something that will look quite intriguing to you “in case clapping in front of you” it really resonates so that Clark gives us a performance to “make structure and understanding crazy in this way” it hoes very fashionable like certainly Chichen Itza check.

Cache the Sunrise at ‘Mirador Del Carbie’

At number nine on this list, we are back in Tulum and we are swinging out in Tulum at noon the next thing that we want to bring to this list is to do how exhausting it may be to wake up in the morning crack. I was super fatigued since you got up this afternoon, but once you’ve got to stand down for sunrise, it’s actually a 20-minute bicycle ride from downtown Tulum,

if you’re staying down, it’s better to get on the shore than you can catch the sunrise directly in your resort. , but for me, I’m staying away from the city because it’s so cheap in an Airbnb, so I took the little beach cruiser that I picked up so maybe came down catching the sunrise.

There aren’t a lot of individuals here, so it’s really a great time when you can come back and cruise down the way if you’re throwing most of the way down the way then there’s a bicycle way, it’s the very last five minutes or so where you’re on the road just be careful there because there’s a lot of heavy trucks and things that are driving and it’s going to be a big thing.

There may be a little sketch in the morning, but there are not too many visitors in the morning here this place if the tide is not very high, you can inevitably get towards this peninsula location, which is a gorgeous place to see the sunrise, I went there some distracted morning because it is such a peaceful way of starting the day.

Visiting all of the delicious Taco spots Ela Centro in Tulum city

Unless we talk about No. 10, it won’t be an excellent thing until you’re looking at taco spots, you’ll definitely want to see some amazing taco spots in Tulum for a while, you’ll find a lot of excellent food choices. You’d like to mention, but if you’re eating at Ela Centro, your cost is likely to be much lower, if you’re eating from the edge, you’re eating down from the edge, it’s the Tulum Mexico resorts zone. here are some low price taco spots in down sid beach

Taqueria honorio | best restaurants in Tulum mexico

My number one favorite spot for tacos in Taqueria talcum on this may be this super affordable tacos price is about 18 peso so you’re not even speaking a full dollar based on the market rate this Concierge de Beale’s incredible taco pickup find three tacos you’ll be considered bad

 Antojitos la Chiapaka | Tulum mexico all inclusive

At number two on the list is Antojitos la Chiapaka that this place was one of the first taco places I ate in Tulum Mexico the first time I moved to Tulum about a year ago it was considered one of the biggest places and the lowest places that came to buy tacos. About 10 pesos in each taco

 El Pesseder | Tulum mexico all inclusive resorts

At number three on the list, there will be a spot known as El Pesseder, this location is a bit more optimistic over a good vibe when you go there, but not the exorbitant price and it’s also in El Centro the ideal male.


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